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Zhejiang University will be2018 Fall semester for select upper division undergraduate and graduate students, Set up a course called《 Blockchain and Digital Assets》 of the course。

We have been working from12 The Blockchain Research Center at Zhejiang University, which was established on, This course is the university's School of Computer、 Senior undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Software in“ financial technology” Module courses for orientation。 Its textbook was written by ZJU faculty、 published《 Blockchain Technology Advanced and Practical》。

Cai Liang, executive deputy director of Zhejiang University's Blockchain Research Center, said, Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology for the future, Universities have a responsibility to start with research capacity and practical application, Fostering high-level、 The composite talent。

next year4 month, China's First RMB 10 Billion Blockchain Innovation Fund Established in Hangzhou。 According to incomplete statistics, Hangzhou holds blockchain patents193 item。

Blockchain as the most preverbal technology today, Because of its open-ended nature、 autonomy、 Features such as tamper-evident information and anonymity, Used in a wide range of industries。

Another institution of higher learning, far across the ocean.—— Massachusetts, This technological innovation has also been used to issue student diplomas。

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MIT graduates will receive a blockchain diploma this month

Software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USALearningMachine Work with MIT's Media Lab and Registration Office, Students can choose to download blockchain wallets, Securely store and share your diploma。

occupy《 MIT Technology Review》 report, After the success of the initial pilot project,MIT Decision to offer blockchain wallet service to all new graduates starting this month。

“ I don't believe that a central agency can digitally control everyone's learning records。” Head of Learning Innovation, Media LabPhilipp Schmidt express。

The purpose of launching a blockchain form of diploma is to enable students to access their academic credentials in a timely and reliable manner, thus, Potential employers no longer have to call the school to confirm whether their diploma is true。

New graduates who want to get a digital diploma only need to download oneapp Can。

“ Before graduation,MIT An invitation email will be sent to the student。 The email read——‘ hey, to downloadBlockcertsWallet Let's go, Accept the password and thenMIT Add as a publisher’。”Learning Machine CEOChrisJagers Said,“ whileMIT Diplomas were issued, Students will receive an e-mail with a digital file, They can import it directly into the app。”

future, Blockchain will also be used in more industry segments, become a disruptive discipline。

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