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In the afternoon of March 29, Chen Ying, secretary of the Party and Work Committee of Huayang Street, and Zhong Jingyun, deputy director of the street office, visited the leading artificial intelligence company - Silan Technology (Shanghai) Co.

Accompanied by Dr. Xinlei Wang, Chief Strategy Officer of the Strategy Committee and research expert of Silan Academy of Sciences, and other related personnel, they visited Silan headquarters and Silan AI R&D Center. Dr. Wang introduced in detail the development of the enterprise, its future vision and the difficulties and problems it faced.

▲ Visit to the Artificial Intelligence R&D Centre

During the meeting, Dr. Wang also made relevant requests about strategic cooperation, talent policy, white collar services and other related demands. Secretary Chen answered all of them, and hoped that the street could build a platform for enterprises and help them flourish.

▲ Learn about the business

▲ Listening to business demands

Company Profile

Founded in Shanghai by a team of Australian returnees, Silan Technology has more than 140 employees and a technical team of 90, including more than 50 doctors, post-docs and masters, and has been awarded or is in the process of being awarded more than 50 patents and soft documents. With two first-place finishes in world competitions and three first-place finishes in Chinese competitions, they are known to the outside world as an international hacking team. In addition to smart retail, Silan Technology is also involved in autonomous driving, intelligent robotics and other technology frontiers.

As an international first-class AI innovation and application research and development enterprise, Silan Technology will serve the public and protect people's livelihood with world-leading products and solutions in the long development of artificial intelligence.

▲ Honours received

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