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Look to the stars, or bury your head in the sand, explore the unknown, or stick to what you see. The Multi-Dimensional Project invites you to look to the stars, explore the unknown, reach the uncharted territory with Trek, and lightly solve the mysteries of the future with fantasy. Speeds, depths and angles you won't see elsewhere, life goes on, imagination goes on, let's open the hole!

Dovetail plans to connect technology and life with heart and let the world enjoy AI. What do we do? The Dovetail Project editor is here to reveal it!!!

Multi-dimensional is a leading future business and life new knowledge, a favorite place for innovators to gather, but also a collection of information, AI industry applications, intelligent consumer products, reviews and integrated artificial intelligence platform for smart hardware suppliers, solution providers, industry application customers. Provides consumers with the latest information and a full range of hardware and software product display and trading services.

It can be said to be a multifaceted platform that is more awesome than Titanium Media, Yeo, and 36 Krypton that is ahead of AI. Multi-dimensional plan network platform stationed in the business more and more, there are all kinds of artificial intelligence you want, hardware, software, industry news, as well as offline all kinds of artificial intelligence, AI all kinds of high-tech summit forum exchange.

Mission and Vision of the Multi-Dimensional Plan

Building smart lives with AI vision to make the environment see you

Building a convenient life with AI vision and experiential intelligence era

Towards one AI platform for everyone

From media, online scenario-based experiences, online promotions, social sharing, smart software and hardware to provide

Project Dovetail connects technology and life with heart, lets the world enjoy AI

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