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The development of robots has become a trend in the future, recently both in some high-tech industries and in our ordinary homes, with the rapid progress of the modern era, the scientific achievements are constantly improving, but the pressure from all sides of the economy and changes in attitudes, resulting in the Japanese young people are very inattentive on top of childbirth.

According to the latest media findings, nearly 70 percent of men and half of women between the ages of 18 and 34 who are not married are not dating, which is a major reflection of the fact that the birth rate will fall very low in the future, which will not compensate for the serious problem of ageing in the country.

So in order to stimulate modern youngsters to be able to have children, a tech team has created a very cute baby. It is hoped that this robot can stimulate their inner desire to have children, to increase people's fertility level, this baby robot appearance is very cute, it can be very intelligent communication with the buyer, or shrill speech walking a sway, very much like some babies, although his appearance does not look as real as a baby, but its overall some language communication, or behavior is very similar to the baby, and people also in its smart chip added the emotion of the board, for example, can imitate sick, when it is necessary for the family to carry out to his care.

In short, scientists are comparing this robot to a baby in a very big way in order to stimulate modern young people to procreate. And there is the most intelligent point is that it can build the baby character according to, the couple's personality, for example, if both of you are not very good-tempered, this robot will, choose between your two personalities to show the character, this robot and the parents are also very intelligent emotional connection, it can build a very up intelligent emotional relationship.

But as these robots are made more and more intelligent and human-like in appearance, there are a lot of moral and ethical problems, like some people are worried that after the purchase of this model by people who are not too fond of having children on both sides, they will be more reluctant to have children and will instead devote themselves to taking care of this bionic robot, as we know from watching a movie "Artificial Intelligence", where a couple bought a very cool robot that looks like their child because their child died young, but at the end when they had their baby again, this robot was abandoned by them mercilessly.

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