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While blockchain has been actively developing over the past few years, But today's experts note that the technology is far from perfect。 To make it ideal for all current requirements of businesses and individuals, There's still a lot of work to be done。

The Nebula team decided to change that, and launch a next-generation public blockchain based on value incentives, Aims to create an ecosystem for continuous improvement。

The main goals the Nebula team hopes to achieve are: Defining the value of ranking, This is explained by the necessity of today's blockchain community, It has criteria for assessing the value of the underlying data; Positive feedback for building community ecosystems, Because the team is convinced of the need to create a development-friendly positive feedback mechanism, to build a truly robust ecosystem of decentralized applications; And to evolve themselves。

The latest view is the most basic point. The system will be able to automatically evolve and provide faster computing, more powerful tools and higher user satisfaction.

Posted by Nebula Master on March 30, 2018. To ensure the development of a sustainable and healthy ecosystem, the Nebula team is tasked with getting more talented developers to join their community and encouraging them to build more decentralized applications (DApps) of higher quality on the Nebula mainnet.

To give a wider audience the opportunity to get something out of honest and fair decentralized collaboration, Nebula Launches Nebula Incentive Program Designed to Encourage People to Create the Nebula Blockchain。

The program has two subroutines。 One of them is aimed directly at developers, Another for a broader recommended audience。

Developer Rewards。 The company invites developers from around the world to create projects on top of the Nebula blockchain。 Participants were awardedNAS token。

Referral Motivation。 All referrals who will successfully invite developers to join the Nebula platform will also beNAS in winning their awards。

Nebula offers the easiest way for developers to develop on blockchain。 Almost every person who hasJavaScript People with basic knowledge have the opportunity to work onNebulas platform to develop his or her firstDApp。 The team really believes, Everyone can contribute to the development of the blockchain in general and its ecosystem in particular。

The incentive program began on May 6 and will run through July 1, with the first participants already receiving prizes.

Those who wish to participate need to submit aDApp。 If the uploadedDApp Meet all requirements( This means it has an interface, It can be run and developed without infringing on the property rights of others), Developers will receive100% incentives。

moreover, All participants of the referral incentive program will be rewarded each time a referred developer successfully builds a Nebula app。 The total prize pool is460 000 NAS。 occupyCoinMarket Cap weigh, At the time of going to press,NAS The transaction price of the6.29 dollars, This means that the prize pool is equivalent to289 $ million。

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