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100,000 manufacturing enterprises will be "on the cloud" transformation

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(Reporter Zhang Yi) Shanghai will vigorously promote industrial innovation of industrial Internet, and by 2020, basically build a new industrial Internet network infrastructure system, cultivate a number of internationally competitive or influential industrial Internet platforms in the industry, and drive the transformation and development of the manufacturing industry, so as to provide support for serving the national manufacturing and network power strategy and playing the "Made in Shanghai" brand. This is the information revealed by the "Implementation Plan of Shanghai Industrial Internet Industry Innovation Project" released yesterday.

The Industrial Internet represents the trend of deep integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing, which is based on a large number of networked, intelligent and collaborative working machines and equipment, combined with big data collection and analysis to create smart workshops, smart factories and smart production models, and is expected to reshape the face of manufacturing.

According to the Plan, in the next three years, Shanghai will implement the "533" innovation project in the field of industrial Internet, which is to build five systems of "network, platform, security, ecology and cooperation", implement three major actions of "functional system construction, integrated innovation application and industrial ecology cultivation", and achieve three major goals of "comprehensively promoting enterprises to reduce costs and improve quality and efficiency, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and helping the country's leading power and discourse in the development of industrial Internet". Aiming at the above task objectives, the Plan deploys a series of specific actions in four areas: "building functional systems", "integrating innovative applications", "fostering industrial ecology" and "creating an innovative environment".

Network, platform and security are the three core functional systems of the Industrial Internet that Shanghai is striving to build. By 2020, Shanghai will promote the deployment and application of 5G, IPv6 and other new technologies in the industrial field, and basically complete the construction of national top-level nodes for industrial Internet identity resolution; driven by industrial data, a number of industrial Internet platforms will be cultivated to achieve 100,000 enterprises "on the cloud and on the platform", thus significantly driving the transformation and upgrading of industry; in order to ensure network information security in the field of industrial Internet, Shanghai will develop the industrial information security industry and establish a multi-level security system.

The Programme states that Shanghai will promote the demonstration application of the Industrial Internet around six industries: electronic information, equipment manufacturing and automotive, steel and chemical, aerospace and aviation, biomedicine and urban industries, with a focus on providing services such as process optimization, process optimization, equipment maintenance and accident risk warning, and achieving intelligent control and optimal decision-making in production and operation.

To stimulate innovation, Shanghai will, on the one hand, guide backbone enterprises in the industrial sector to carry out collaborative innovation with small and medium-sized service providers, and on the other hand, promote the research and development of key technologies, including core devices such as industrial sensors, 5G IoT communication modules, intelligent hardware, and cutting-edge information technologies such as edge computing, big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain.

To promote the popularization of industrial Internet applications, Shanghai will carry out speed-up and cost-reduction actions for industrial enterprises, with the goal of reducing Internet leased lines and data traffic charges for enterprises by more than 40 percent overall by 2020.

(Yi Zhang)

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