1'8" legs, 28 pounds of meat, and many, many famous pals, Seppei's first quarter birthday party is on!

It seems like just yesterday we were discussing the outlook for 2018, the

In the twinkling of an eye.

The first quarter is almost over and

Yeah, our one-turner is often so slow.

In the blink of an eye, a day, a quarter, a year.

Sometimes many years pass in a flash.

May we all seize every bit of joy and emotion, sorrow and tears that

All the feelings pieced together.

That's the best life.

(Jiu Xi, Hangzhou)

March 24, 2018.

Jiu Xi Changshu Garden, Hangzhou.

Seppei Information's first quarter birthday peeps gathered here.

Join us for our first birthday party of 2018!

As the saying goes, a party is not without food, wine, beauty and a great view.

Follow us now, into the Birthday Party of Seppei Information!


28 pounds of meat

The more you eat, the more positive energy you have-Tongue on Seppei Information


How many times in life do you get the chance to

Let the presidents of Seppei grill and cut vegetables for us!

The editor is going to tear up! Warmonger!

Everyone else is drinking and singing.

And you cut up the vegetables for us in silence.

The president can stir-fry with no worries.

I'll cook it for you with my eyes.

The company prepares birthday surprises for us every quarter.

First quarter is Nine Creeks BBQ.

What kind of fun shows are in store for the next three seasons?

Let's all look forward to it!

Finally, let's end this Party with a lot of love!

All about you&me

Hangzhou Shiping Information Technology Co.

Founded in 2010, it focuses on core technologies and innovations in the field of data security governance and data value mining. Around data protection and value mining, through the application of intelligent technology, we establish a data visualization model that meets the application scenarios of users. From critical infrastructure information security risk assessments, database confidentiality checks, privacy information security assessments, andData Security Inspection, data value utilization, data security services and other modules to achieve intelligent security management and application of data

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