2 minutes to understand what LeMang AI + Education Total Solution can bring to you

What is it? Le Mango iMango Artificial Intelligence + Education Total Solution?

What kind of products can Lemang AI + Education bring to you?

How are they all characterized?

What are the advantages of LeMang when there are so many similar products of educational equipment?

In 7 4 sessions of China Education Equipment Exhibition In, the general manager of LeMang (Guangzhou) Information Technology Co. Mr. Yi Haiming Accepted. Media interviews

2 minutes to learn LeMang AI + Education What does it get you?

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What kind of products does Le Mango iMango bring to the show and what are the features?

>> LeMang brings to this year's education equipment showcase Artificial Intelligence + Education Total Solution It is also a new classroom space for artificial intelligence creators.

>>A platform for the practice and validation of artificial intelligence knowledge-- Le Mans Robot Battlefield It is a powerful assistant for teaching and learning, mobilizing learners' interest in learning as well as providing a competition platform to verify learning outcomes by simulating robot confrontation scenarios in real-world mode and allowing learners to apply what they have learned about artificial intelligence control to actual robot competitions.

>> We also brought Unmanned supermarkets Contextual Kit, an experiential product in the direction of AI + education, also includes Artificial Intelligence Interaction Suite Artificial Intelligence Basic Programming Kit harmony Artificial Intelligence Control Terminal, all of the teaching kits offered by Le Mans are based around Artificial Intelligence + Education This general direction is combined to create a total solution.

Unmanned supermarkets

Artificial Intelligence Control Terminal

Artificial Intelligence Interaction Suite

Artificial Intelligence Basic Programming Kit

LeMang iMango is based on the field of artificial intelligence + education, we have our own R&D team, which includes the research and development of software and hardware, curriculum development, and finally apply the software, hardware and curriculum system to the artificial intelligence education in primary and secondary schools.

LeMang iMango, looking forward to helping China's AI basic education together with you!

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