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2013 Annual Memoirs

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Technical section

Programming, starting with VB ......

In January, officially embarked on the first level of programming learning - VB, last year today, almost finished flipping through the "VB Programming" borrowed from Sifu, knocked out the wonderful and interesting VB hundred examples, watched the hypnosis video of Mr. Chen Wei ......

I have to mention that VB is a really good language for people who are new to programming: first, the VB language is simple and easy to understand; second, there are ready-made classes (forms, buttons, etc.) in VB for everyone to use, and you can implement an interesting little example with just one line of code, which largely reduces the fear of code for rookies. So I don't agree with the way of learning C++ and Java. For those who have no programming background, if they come up with pointers, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and are confused, I am afraid that not many people like programming from the bottom of their heart. I am a typical example myself. My first contact with computer knowledge in university was C. After learning the textbook, I had to refer to the source code to write a "HelloWorld".

After learning VB from January to February, we started to prepare our work for the exhibition. In March and April, we finished our work "Super Fly Chat" with two of our team members (we didn't know there was another software called "Fly Chat" until we were halfway through the software), so we named it "Super Fly Chat". Making such "powerful" software was a great joy for these novice programmers at that time, and of course, it increased their interest in programming.

Programming specifications

Although the work show reinforced what I had learned about VB before, the code written by these rookies, you know →_→, so in turn, I learned a bit about programming specifications. Designing modules and procedures, naming conventions, error handling, code formatting, comments, user interface design, etc. Although few people pay attention to it, programming specifications are indeed an important part of our transition from "amateur rookie" to "professional rookie".

Beginner's Database ......

After the VB Works exhibition, I sort of got to know VB a little bit, and next, it was time to explore the database. I remember when I first came across databases, the first book I read was "Visual Basic 6.0 Database Development Classic Examples in a Nutshell", which was affectionately known as the "Red Book". I remember struggling to knock out the first five examples, but given my curiosity and a little love for it, I was able to get these little examples done in a week, and through them I got an initial understanding of how to connect to a database, SQL statements, etc.

After reading that "SQL Starter Classic" is Mr. Geng Jianling's tutorial.

After combing through all this knowledge, I suddenly found myself falling in love with databases and even foolishly thinking of exploring this area specifically in the future. Of course this knowledge alone is not enough, there is more and more important knowledge and experience that we need to gain in a variety of project practices.

Working on the first database system ......

The first database system I came across was the Student Information Management System (SIMS), which was "open source" because I had no prior experience with it, so I just had to follow the "template".

First server room charging system

First server room charging systemnot“ expand one's financial resources”, No source code, It also means that the whole system needs to be coded by yourself according to the requirements。 (located) at The days of doing this system have been the hardest but most rewarding times ever。 Every day is bogged down with one need after another, Every time I forget to eat because I'm looking for a better way to achieve it……

The server room charging system allows us to eliminate the dependence on source code and the confinement of self-imposed ideas, allowing us to make better and more relevant features according to our ideas and with the actual needs. Of course, I feel that the most important point is the enrichment of experience, the enhancement of the ability to identify and solve problems, and that we have taken a big step up in level.

Software Engineering for Beginners

Although we have completed the server room charging system on our own and have followed the programming specifications, with proper naming and clear comments, this is far from being "qualified software". There are still huge problems with our development process, inter- and intra-module coupling, and database design. This requires us to apply software engineering to develop software scientifically.

(located) at Beginners in Software Engineering in which it is learned that software survival is divided into several parts, each process being an integral part. Only by following these principles can the best and most reliable software be developed in the shortest possible time.

Software Engineering Documentation

Learning software engineering, you know that each phase will produce some appropriate documentation, but you don't go hands-on with common sense. Therefore, after understanding the theoretical knowledge, we still have to practice according to the server room charging system we did before. Let's be cheeky and do that for the time being, whoever let the saying go-"Copy First,Innovate”。


I was fortunate to meet JSP in 13 years, through JSP to learn about some of the processes of Web development, but also the initial acquaintance with some of the more interesting and powerful CSS, Javascript, Ajax and other languages. After understanding some basic knowledge of JSP, I used my free time to make a small Web program - a message board system (such as you can log in, browse, leave messages, reply, manage, etc.), just as a practice, at the moment of the final release, don't mention how happy →_→


Software engineering is the methodological basis for good software, then UML is the tool for software modeling. When learning UML, I read a sentence in a book that I thought was interesting: there are two examples, building a doghouse and a building. The construction of a doghouse is so small that all it takes is a few bricks around it and a plank on top, and even if it fails, the damage is not great; but to build a building, the whole of the building must be modeled and analyzed before construction begins, or the building will not only be unlikely to succeed, it will be lost!


I started learning English in the first year of junior high, probably a little late, and got particularly bad grades in junior high (when I was the bottom and second to last ...... ), and rose to the occasion until I was at the top of my English grades →_→, all the way to college. But he never spoke English, and even when he did, it was standard "Chinenglish". Summer '13, it started. SB English I was confident in the learning journey because there were already examples of success to inspire me, and every day I listened, listened and listened again with the expectation that I would be able to speak standard American pronunciation in the near future.

After listening for less than six months, I had the opportunity to speak, and during the National Day "holiday", I studied Mr. Lai's phonetic symbols, which made me realize the English I had in my head in a different way. I reviewed it again a year ago and started with simple daily oral communication. I set aside one to two hours a day with Mary, Maria and Casey for communication, and sometimes I would watch a segment of "A New Century Walk Across America" and then discuss it.

Of course, it is also deeply recognized that learning English is the same as the phoenix nirvana, the rebirth of the fire, without hard work, there is no successful harvest, of course, provided that we have a correct goal (such as learning English mainly for the application of English) and method.

Thick and thin.

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