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2017 Year-End Reading Summary

I didn't read much in 2017, and looking back, I spent most of the time worrying and fretting, especially in the second half of the year, getting little done, gaining little, and making little progress. The theme for 2017 is - "Broken".

A rough summary of a few of the more impressive books I've read this year.

A book written by a Google executive about the management of the company, Google's management has a strong religious undertone, which is the most impressive thing about reading this book. Although Google doesn't have a Bible, the sense of corporate ethos that Google employees identify with, and the various rituals with a touch of humor, reveal a religiously faith-like force. But there is no doubt that this is the pinnacle of business management in this era.

The essays on the evolution of man from animal to human are popular and insightful, and one cannot help but be reminded of Stavrianos' General Global History, where the most TOP academic masters are often able to use the most common language to open a door of knowledge to the most casual reader.

With the development of AI technology, Alan Turing's fame as the founding father of the science of computers and artificial intelligence has grown big. Turing's biography portrays Turing's tumultuous life, including various academic achievements, but also a hidden private life. Today, Turing is not only the voice of computer science, but more like the voice of homosexuality.

Pulling in new, active, retaining, monetizing, and going viral, Growth Hacking is another way for product managers to open up their products with the goal of increasing user base and revenue, and introduces the means to grow products at all stages.

While The Human Resume describes the evolution of animals into men, The Future Brief is about the evolution of men into gods, and the main tone is optimistic that mankind will be given greater freedom. The point is in that morality and ethics also evolve with society.

A feast for the mind, anti-common sense, anti-success science, and a fresh look at the world with a science and technology mindset. It's not really about a scientific or a literary or historical mindset, it's about looking at the world with a more logical mind that shows things in a more complete way.

A utopian novel about authoritarian rule that is half prophetic of partial social reality and half pie-in-the-sky that doesn't match the trends. In short, it was predicted to the Broadcasting Authority and even the "eye in the sky system", but not to Weibo WeChat. The internet should be considered a technological explosion for the pioneers. It will move politics in a more efficient direction, provided there is no interference from the powers that be.

The famous non-fiction novel written by the famous speculative fiction writer Keigo Higashino is not a detective novel, but it still rings true and is just as engaging as a speculative novel.

2017, just like that, is over, just like that, is over. There is a growing sense of "time anxiety", always feeling that there is not enough time, hoping that time will not move too fast, but according to the theory of relativity, it is actually too slow to move.

2018, is going to be a very exciting year in life and there are going to be a lot of interesting stories happening. How do I know? I hope it's tomorrow, ooh hee hee hee hee~

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Author: Chen Key, Post-90s Internet Product Manager, Reading Enthusiast


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