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2018 Dubai Global Blockchain Conference sets sail with Xie Xiaojie invited as Vice Chairman of the main committee

On May 22nd, Dubai Global Blockchain Conference Super City Node Campaign was successfully held in Shenzhen, Hong Kong Bit Holdings was successfully elected as the first season Super City Node, and the founder Xie Xiaogitan officially became the vice chairman of the conference organizing committee.

Xie Xiaojie, the founder of Bit Holdings Group, and Pan Feng, the chief planner of GBC Dubai, have officially signed a contract that Bit Holdings will plan and execute the entire, high-quality, full project of the 2018 Global Blockchain Conference Dubai.

The Dubai Global Blockchain Conference mainly invites heads of international blockchain organizations from various countries and regions, industry leaders, celebrities, experts and scholars, technology geeks, associated media, upstream and downstream product and equipment suppliers, individuals from various fields of blockchain, as well as major investment institutions and fund companies.

Dubai Global Blockchain Conference takes "blockchain technology helps traditional enterprises to transform" as its development concept, and promotes the whole blockchain industry to accelerate the concept innovation and technology innovation through the summit communication and dialogue, and reach a consensus in an objective, fair and innovative atmosphere, so as to finally promote human cooperation and win-win future. Conference vision: Technology changes the world!

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