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2018 Zero Cost Solutions for Enterprise and Personal Digital Transformation Starting with PowerBI

Digital transformation is in full swing, how do you get it off the ground? How does it relate to the individual, is it an opportunity? How can we seize this opportunity?

This paper will analyze the opportunities that exist in digital transformation and ways to effectively seize this opportunity.

The digital transformation dilemma

Since it is a transition, it must be from some pre-existing state, to another target state, and still unsuccessful in the transition.

Digital transformation, by its very nature, is The process of moving from a non-digital to a digital state . If companies say that having an information technology system such as ERP or CRM makes them digital, the answer is: yes and no. A better measure of digital is actually Are numbers a driver of behavior

Digital, as reflected in whether your business actions are determined by experience patting your head on the back on what to do or by changes in certain business metrics.

Companies with digital genes are obviously the latter, for example, those who use the Growth Hacker model to do user growth, their product ideas and designs are not thought out by patting their heads and experience, but more by looking at customer behavior, using analysis to determine whether a certain change in the app or product is reasonable or unreasonable, and evolving in the direction that matches user behavior. Companies with digital genes have really internalized a lot of data analytics-type capabilities and are pushing toward deeper depths: big data, data mining, artificial intelligence, etc. The premise of these is worth emphasizing: these digital businesses are having Digital genes The.

Digital genesManifested in many ways, for example: When the meeting was held, People talk more about data-based results than in my opinion The idea of something like that. These types of companies naturally do not have a claim to digital transformation, or are not strong, but quietly further state themselves through digital capabilities, ready to disrupt the traditional corporate overlords of an industry.

The diametric opposite of this, not have Digital genes companies, Often relies on the experience of the boss or leader to decide, The leadership here is broad The. They determine the actual behavior of the business, Numbers are often reduced to a paper trail, Or worse, it can become a departmental infighting, internal friction in a company, The casualties of party politics and the achievement pendulum。 A portion of the population is even more well versed in One step ahead is a lead, two steps ahead is a crime of an in-house workplace philosophy.

Therefore, the owners of such traditional businesses wish to do digital transformation, in essence The first is the digital transformation of people . For example, a traditional company's finance director, operations director, and sales director are all traditional and can't understand the app or digital analytics charts when they see them, so how can they go about analyzing decisions to guide their actions. They are in key corporate positions, but they are profoundly hindering the growth of the business, and in some cases becoming toxic. And new entrants to the traditional business workplace have aspirations and some digital skills, but are weighed down by several mountains, resulting in an inability to play either, and you can't go wrong if you don't. Such a state is also a gene, a cancerous corporate gene, which affects everyone who comes into the business. If the HR director is a traditional old mother again, it's a total bust.

Of course, there's no shortage of these traditional businesses that aren't bad, so fine. Earn is your money, the market lull you into the concept including but not limited to: big data, cloud computing, data mining, artificial intelligence, etc., do not sell you a million are embarrassed. Because, traditional business owners know that their businesses are deeply toxic and don't believe they can be healed without spending millions themselves. The result can only be a vicious circle.

Opportunity knocks.

Now that we know that the problems of business boil down to people, the problem is simple.

[Willingness] The essence of whether a company really has the will to do digital transformation lies in whether the owner has the will

[Ability] The essence of whether companies can really do digital transformation lies in the availability of such talent

Obviously, there are many such bosses and few such talents.

It's also clear that such a boss craves such talent.

All the departments and positions that exist in the middle are working the same, they either initiate their own change and advance the business change or find ways to hinder it.

It can also be seen that directly transforming such a business from no digital to a data mining or big data stage is clearly over-medical. Their questions are often answered by.

Merge more spreadsheets and you can do very willful data analysis.

By integrating various data from ERP or CRM, you can do very meaningful data analysis.

That's what I'm talking about. A painless recipe for smooth digital transformation

Seize the opportunity

Since traditional businesses can't be digitally transformed in one step or at the same time. That usually starts with a certain topic, a certain board with a more approachable traditional approach, so that all those who are willing can smoothly understand, accept, learn, and improve, to complete the process together.

So, for the individual in that environment.

As long as the owners and executives of the business are truly focused on digital then the opportunity exists.

Rationalize your business experience and digital skills.

Overpowering technology that is too far ahead of its time for the business to handle. E.g., pure big data, pure data mining, etc.

Business experience is still a treasure, that's how the business came to be, a core that must be retained.

Understanding the business and being able to integrate existing data together to discover digital value can actually move the process forward.

Individuals are required to.

【Knowledge of business】 Familiar with business process of enterprise.

[Understand Data] Know if, where, and how to get the data corresponding to these businesses.

[Understanding Analytics] Ability to harness the above data and perform business-oriented digital analytics.

Being able to do this is also very grounding for the individual to be able to provide digital value to the business. There is no requirement here to necessarily use high tech tools.

The question arises. What what tool should an individual / business choose to aid in the overall improvement?

Microsoft Empowers Digital Transformation with PowerBI

As Microsoft's CEO's new book "Refresh" says, Microsoft's mission is Empowering Businesses . And in the digital space, PowerBI, a business intelligence tool, will provide all of the above capabilities and redefine what business intelligence should be for the masses.

So, if you have the will to change digitally, start with yourself, download it for free and try it out, and maybe a new door has opened. PowerBI can start free of charge and continue to be progressively upgraded based on the stage of development of an individual or business, with a variety of data models to assist in the analysis of various types of business.

Watch the video to learn and act now

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