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2018 is the year when blockchain steps into practical application there is a greater uncertainty in terms of profitability

5 "Futures Daily" column Huang Yaowei posted that the futures market is looking ahead to 18 years, earnings are still the focus of market attention, and the main line of value is king will not change much. In order to promote the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data in the economy, China has launched a series of national strategies, such as blockchain. However, in terms of industry investment, the blockchain applications tested by major Internet companies are still mainly of the type of issuing "tokens" or realizing "point management", with relatively single function, and are still in the primary stage. According to the article, the real potential application space of blockchain (finance, government, healthcare, etc.) is still huge and needs time to be tapped, and '18 will be the stage when blockchain steps into practical application and wonderful projects will be landed. From an asset allocation perspective, the information services industry is worth investing in, but there are many risks, and the emerging industry, which is constantly changing, has a high degree of uncertainty in terms of earnings.

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