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I was looking for a book to drop by a few sites to see the CS book sales list, and I made an unexpected discovery!

Jingdong Computer and Internet


Seven of the top 10 books are related to Python, two to Java, and one to Wu Jun's classic Beauty of Mathematics. Coders, know what to learn now! I can't believe all the Python books are selling so hot now!

Jingdong Computer and Internet Sales List

To confirm this finding, take another look at the good old Dangan.

Dangdang Computer/Networking


Of the top 10, 5 are about Python, 2 about PS, 1 about Java, 1 about PPT, and 1 about Wu Jun's classic Top of the Wave (Mr. Wu Jun is so popular! ).

China, and then look at Amazon China.

Amazon China Computers & Internet


The top 10 is spread pretty thinly about programming, with 2 books on Python, none on Java, and instead 1 on C++.

The English-speaking world takes a second look.

Amazon USA Computer Science


The 2 Python books in the top 10 are the classic Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow A Practical Guide to Machine Learning and Deep Learning, again without Java, and at #1 is the interview category Cracking the Coding Interview.

Amazon UK Computer Science


In the top 10, again 2 Python books and no other languages. The title of Python: Learn Python in One Day and Learn It Well is quite interesting, "in One Day"!

Can't think of any other sites where foreigners buy books for a while, but based on the information on these five sites, the answer to what's the hottest programming language of the moment is pretty self-explanatory! Also, it looks like BOE is the main place for coders in general to buy programming books!

1、Youre here to stay or not to stay
2、Stanford mediaX Participating International Joint Research Institute Settles in Guangzhou Venture Capital Town
3、Fiction website building tutorial
4、The Programmers Book of Arms
5、Nine aspects of data center construction to keep in mind

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