21 Day Vocabulary Challenge - Day 11

Preventingfalsenews, hate speech, and other abuse is another importantareaof focus for us.In order to protect thesecurityandintegrityof ourplatform, we'reinvesting inboth people and technology. We now have around 14,000 people working across communityops, online ops, andour security efforts.That's almostdoublewherewe were a year ago.We've also built new technology todetectsuicidalpoststhat has helpedfirst respondersreachmore than 100 people who needed help quickly, and we'vebuilt AI systemstoflagsuspicious behavior around elections in real time and remove terrorist content.Thanks toour AI systems, 99% of the ISIS and Al-Qaeda-related terror content we take down is now removed before anyone flags it to us -- andin some cases,before anyone sees it.

# Vocabulary and expressions #

ops: n. action

In order to protect thesecurityandintegrityof our platform: in order to protect the security and integrity of our platform

That's almostdoublewherewe were a year ago:That's almost twice as much as a year ago.

detect: vt. find

suicidal: adj. suicidal

detectsuicidalposts: discovering suicidal posts

first responders: first aiders

built AI systemstoflagsuspicious behavior around elections in real time: building AI systems to flag suspicious behavior in real time during elections

remove terrorist content: remove terrorist content

* Warm tips*

Don't memorize words or expressions in isolation, memorize them in sentences!

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A count of days clocked by public message at the end of a month!

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1、Robots look good too
2、Watch out China is one of the biggest targets of botnet attack traffic
3、Why do Taiwanese colleges and universities choose rabbitbased communities Dr Po has something to say
4、Fastbay open platform opens new direction for intelligent express logistics services
5、This game maker who made his fortune by copying others ends up copying the original better than the original every time

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