3 o'clock Macau Summit Special, MNDC Mongolia Platform Coin World Premiere!

"Digital Asset" - MNDC Mongolia Platform Coin World Premiere



Blueprint for promotion.

29 March Launch of Mongolia's National Blockchain Digital Asset Exchange

24 April Mongolia National Blockchain Digital Asset Exchange Presentation

29 April Press Release on Mongolia's National Blockchain Digital Asset Exchange

30 April Mongolia's National Blockchain Digital Asset Exchange Platform Coin Debut

20-25 May Mongolia's national blockchain asset trading network goes live

15-20 June Official App of Mongolia's National Blockchain Digital Asset Exchange goes live

July Macau Tour

August Hong Kong Tour

9月 菲律宾巡演

October Thailand Tour

"One Belt, One Road"

-- MDE Mongolia National Blockchain Digital Asset Exchange

The Mongolia Exchange platform is facilitated by the Mongolia-China Belt and Road International Trade Development Promotion Committee, which was created by a consensus between Wall Street Holdings Group and the Mongolian government. Mongolian Exchange platform is committed to building a global top blockchain digital asset exchange platform, supporting a variety of trading models and derivative financial products, with a variety of innovative futures, options and other derivative finance as the core competitive products, and with the development of the blockchain industry, constantly launch innovative products, always maintain the market leading blockchain digital capital products trading platform.


Centralized but transparent data.


Working closely with Bank Bogdan Mongolia to provide investors with access to cash and fiat currency exchange.



—— MNDC Mongolia Platform Coin's Global Liquidity

区块链资产交易所而作为技术本身的区块链技术,随着研究不断深入,各个国家机构等将 "Blockchain+"产业不断推进,其在各个场景的应用也逐渐落地。

MNDC Full Industry Chain Payments.

The Mongolian National Digital Asset Exchange, which will have MNDC coin as a circulating token, completes the platform and uses national big data to support the exchange.

The upcoming Mongolian online and offline betting clubs, and Mongolian horse racing clubs, will be paid for by MNDC for transactions.

Other platforms involved in the industry chain, such as games and cultural travel platforms, need to complete various types of payments and withdrawals in their operation, all of which can be completed by MNDC.

The industrial backing behind the Mongolian state will create a safer, reliable and trusting closed-loop system for us investors.

Monbay Coin World Premiere

Master mentors, experts share


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