3 refreshing 'firsts' for online government in 2017

In 2017, online government services were highlighted, with system building taking off, technology accelerating and upgrading, and management continuing to innovate. In particular, three "firsts" are refreshing: the online government construction for the first time announced the annual task list, the online government platform for the first time to achieve a wide range of "one network to do", online government services for the first time popular "brush face", China's online government higher gold content, service color is more adequate.

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State office debuts task list

In May 2017, the Office of Government Information and Government Openness of the General Office of the State Council announced for the first time a summary of the main objectives and tasks of the "Internet + government services" work of various regions and departments in 2017, as well as specific work programs and work task schedules.

Task lists, timetables and schedules have been made public, and for the first time, online monitoring has been implemented, greatly promoting the speeding up of "Internet+government services" in various departments.

In the task lists of various departments, over nine percent of them have set the goal of "providing a guide to all matters" and "unifying the standards of the elements of the guide". One year on, is it being implemented?

In August 2017, Jilin vigorously simplified government service matters, of which 35 to achieve "zero meeting online", 140 to achieve "to the hall to do once". To make it easier for the public to find them, Jilin has assembled the above items into two lists of government services, which are widely publicized using official websites, clients, etc..

As of the end of October last year, 104,174 non-meeting approval (service) operations were published by administrative organs at the Jiangsu, municipal and county levels, of which 96 counties (cities and districts) had published 83,868 items.

Hebei Cangzhou issued the first "municipal government service matters and implementation list", involving 41 departments and units of 592 government service matters, acceptance conditions, processing procedures, processing time limits and other 36 elements are clear and open online.

The Ministry of Land and Resources portal re-planned and designed the public directory database and the policy and regulation database, and 27 metadata were set up in the public directory database to realize data structured management ......

The catalogue of services is not only an information service list, but also a "manual" for doing business. The Guidelines for the Development of Government Websites issued in 2017 state that the list of online service resources on websites provides scientific classification, unified naming and reasonable presentation of services. In the future, all departments around the "online business manual" not only to "big and comprehensive", more need to "fine and detailed".

Promoting integration

Platform debuts one-stop shop

In May 2017, the General Office of the State Council issued the Implementation Plan for the Integration and Sharing of Government Information Systems, requiring all regions and departments to integrate scattered government service systems and resources and generally build an integrated online government service platform by the end of December.

The results of the first mapping of the national Internet government services platform show that, as of the end of August 2017, 29 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have built integrated Internet government services platforms, 16 of which have achieved full coverage at the provincial, municipal and county levels. The inspection also called for "accelerating information sharing to achieve single sign-on and one-stop-shopping. "It is easier to do things and the people benefit directly.

In June 2017, the national customs "Internet + Customs" integrated online office platform went online, users can "one-stop" nine categories of business, 60 specific matters through a unified service portal, unified identity authentication; in early December, Hubei Province "online office hall" trial operation, through the portal, operation platform, technical support platform into a "one network", the provincial departments and Wuhan and other places to achieve online administrative licensing matters and public service matters; not long ago, the "Ministry of Water Resources online administrative approval service hall" officially online operation, including the Ministry and the seven basin agencies all administrative approval matters "should be on", not only to provide a unified application query portal, but also to achieve the whole process of online processing and supervision, to create a "one-stop service".

Platform online is only the first step, to achieve a network to do, can not be separated from the data to run errands. In Jiangsu Province, for example, the Jiangsu Government Services Network has now brought together 100,000 items of convenient services for the public, and about 120,000 items of government services applied for implementation in the province are handled online. In addition, Hangzhou and Foshan set up big data management agencies for the first time to promote data collection and sharing in key areas, so that data can walk more and the public can run less.

Experience Intelligence

The first "face-saving" service

At the beginning of 2017, Zhejiang local tax adopted Sesame Credit real person authentication technology, the first in the country "brush face tax"; in April, Guangzhou pilot "Internet +" credible identity authentication technology, the public "brush a face" can easily complete the pension eligibility certification procedures, saving the trouble of on-site certification; in July, Qinghai provincial tax authorities officially online operation of the real-name tax system, the public brush the ID card, and then look at the camera, to complete the real-name collection; in December, Zhejiang Linhai administrative approval of the latest online "brush face" application, forget to bring ID cards can also do ......

In 2017, "face swipe" services became popular for the first time in the field of government. Recently, the "Mobile Government Services Report (2017) - Innovations and Challenges" released by Sun Yat-sen University shows that more than 40 cities have opened "face government", covering services such as checking provident funds, paying traffic tickets and filing personal tax returns, etc. Nearly 9 million people have experienced "face", saving more than 4 million hours of time.

In addition, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies are advancing their applications, and the dividends of Internet technology are being released to reconfigure the experience of government services. The Beijing government website will further build a flexible and scalable intelligent website architecture, and automatically answer user inquiries through natural language processing and other related technologies; Guangxi takes the lead in promoting the integration of intelligent approval and audit and management information systems, replacing the traditional manual approval model by computerized approval, with online applications approved in seconds, and enterprises and the public can file online at the touch of a finger anytime and anywhere.

The Guidance of the State Council on Accelerating the Promotion of "Internet + Government Services" proposes to innovate online service models, provide intelligent and personalized services, and change passive services into active ones. High-tech intelligent applications widely permeate all processes and areas of government services, "the most run once" "do not meet approval" and other work has the bottom line, "without leaving home, online processing" is becoming a reality.

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