360Cyber Security Awareness Session

The Internet can bring us endless information sharing and can be a platform for communication, learning, office work and entertainment, but without security as a guarantee, we can't enjoy the convenience it brings us without worry. On May 16 (this Wednesday), in order to respond positively to the national activities related to cyber propaganda and safety, and to cultivate the awareness of cyber security and cyber protection function among our students and teachers. We invited 360 Security Emergency Response Center to conduct a seminar on cyber security in our school 6a210.

First of all, the teacher introduced the role of 360 security emergency response center and the purpose of the lecture to our college, 360 security emergency response center is 360 company external pay phone 360 company, product security vulnerabilities, intelligence platform, for the training of network security personnel, for the national network security escort for the theme of a publicity.

The teacher introduced the purpose of the presentation

We were then explained the characteristics of a white hat hacker and the knowledge we should have if we want to become one. And one must have an interest in this area, and of course curiosity, hard work, English, and communication are missing. The students on the stage were also listening carefully to the lecture.

Finally, experts will explain the main contents of this presentation, the current big events of cyber security, personal security, the situation and development trend of cyber security, and protecting for national cyber security. In recent years, China's Internet has flourished, the scale of the network has expanded and the level of network applications has increased, becoming a great force for economic development and social progress. At the same time, many new situations have emerged during the development of the network, which require different measures to actively respond.

Experts explain the main points of this presentation

The students listened carefully to the lecture

At this point, the presentation was successfully concluded. The seminar triggered students' attention to information security issues, improved college students' network security awareness and protection skills, enhanced teachers' and students' network security awareness, and provided a great communication platform for the healthy and orderly development of the network security industry.

Written/Edited by Gao Guoxuan

Photo by Hu Siyuan

Typesetting by Gao Guoxuan

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