cool hit counter 3GPP is standardizing on "5G + AI"!_Intefrankly

3GPP is standardizing on "5G + AI"!

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One of the most "disruptive" features of 5G systems has long been recognized by the industry: 5G network slicing technology allows operators to create several isolated, non-interfering virtual network services on the same physical infrastructure - for example, providing extremely high-speed connectivity for mobile video games through one virtual 5G slice, while also providing extremely low-latency control command transmission for production equipment in factories through another virtual 5G slice.

nevertheless, There is a concern in the industry that, in case5G Network slicing of“ automatization” Insufficient extent of the, or so, The operator is able to provide the information through5G The space for network slicing for innovation is then limited。 for example, today(3 month22 sun) of“ zero contact& Operator Automation Conference” upper, consultancyAnalysys Mason A senior analyst at theCaroline Chappell just say:“ If not achieved‘ automatization’, Operator Segmentation5G The only dimension of network slicing is‘ capacity’, This would make the5G The creation of network slices appears inflexible: static (as in electrostatic force)、 Inability to differentiate、 Cannot be per user/ The specific needs of the customer are carried out5G Custom slicing, etc.。”

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