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4 Easy to understand blockchain 51% arithmetic attack

Article Summary: Does an arithmetic attack have to be more than 51%? Not necessarily.

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Hello everyone, I'm Minlu.

Today I'm going to talk about: the "51% count attack".

The 51% arithmetic attack is essentially an arithmetic race.

Theoretically whoever has more than 51% of the arithmetic power wins the power to decide the block data. The reality is this: there is some probability that an attack with less than 51% arithmetic will also succeed.

To start with an example.

There are two clone teams A and B playing a digging competition, team A with 51 players and team B with 49 players. Contest rules require that.

Situation 1.

Assume that the gold distribution in Trenches 1 and 2 contains the same amount of gold and that Team A is the first to dig up 10 tons of gold because of their numerical advantage and Team A wins.

Situation 2.

Assuming that Pit 2 has a higher gold distribution content than Pit 1, then Team A's numerical advantage will be lost and Team B wins.

This example is a good illustration of how the "51% arithmetic attack" is just an agreed-upon term. In fact the arithmetic does not need to exceed 51% for the attack to have a small probability of success.

That's all for today's post, feel free to leave your questions in the comments section and I'll take the time to answer them all.

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