cool hit counter 50% conversion rate! CyberVein's "Blockchain X Hundred Industries" series of high-end sharing sessions in Beijing was successful in its first edition_Intefrankly

50% conversion rate! CyberVein's "Blockchain X Hundred Industries" series of high-end sharing sessions in Beijing was successful in its first edition

In 2018, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, blockchain technology was considered by Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, to be "a key technology for the fourth industrial revolution." There is also a general consensus that blockchain is the next generation of global networks that can become the infrastructure of society. We have reason to believe that this key technology, if transformative to various industries, will not be simply additive, but will have a multiplier effect.

CyberVein tries to be the evangelist of this multiplier effect! On May 20th, the 1st session of the "They are coming Blockchain X 100 Industries" series was successfully held in Beijing, co-hosted by CyberVein and Beijing YMK PR. More than 20 young entrepreneurs and elite executives from the blockchain industry attended this sharing session with the theme of "Differences and Trends of Classical and Blockchain Investment".

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At the meeting, Arthur Yu, the initiator of CyberVein China, stood in the industry breadth, analyzed the current situation of the blockchain industry and the future landing applications, focusing on the industry applications, layout and development direction of the CyberVein project and the attending industry elites launched an in-depth discussion. The guests at the scene responded enthusiastically and with great enthusiasm, and expressed great benefit to the industry knowledge shared by Arthur Yu, and were firmly optimistic about the special value and unique advantages of the CyberVein project, and their enthusiasm and confidence to participate in the CyberVein project was higher than ever.

The sharing session was very fruitful for CyberVein. Arthur Yu and Yang Bo, Chairman of Beijing Chunqiu Yongle Culture Communication Co., Ltd. exchanged in-depth information on the future scenarios and applications of ticketing data and reached a preliminary cooperation intention, and Yang Bo praised the unlimited future of CyberVein project.

The success of this first session also marks the official launch of CyberVein's "Blockchain X Hundred Industries" dialogue series of elite events.

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