58 million new jobs, is AI really that good?

According to foreign media reports, machines will replace human jobs in several fields by 2025. But with the rise of artificial intelligence, 58 million net new jobs could still be created over the next five years.

According to planning in the World Economic Forum report " The Future of Jobs 2018", developments in automated technology and artificial intelligence could displace 75 million jobs, but with a changing division of labor between humans and machines, 133 million new jobs could emerge in the future, meaning 58 million net new jobs in five years.

This means that as automation technology and artificial intelligence develop, the future form of work will shift from manual to intelligent, with a decline in full-time permanent employment and many companies opting for robots to automate many tasks.

Related data shows that machines currently account for 29% of all current tasks in the workplace, with humans working an average of 71% of the time. By 2022 machines are expected to account for 42% of all current tasks in the workplace and 58% of human work time. This is despite the fact that many experts predict that machines will eventually replace millions of jobs in the next decade. But AI will also create new jobs.

Global auditing firm PwC explains this, saying that artificial intelligence, robotics and other forms of "intelligent automation" technologies can increase productivity and create better products and services. While some jobs will be displaced or "fundamentally changed in nature", new jobs will also be created and the long-term net effect will be positive for the economy as a whole.

So it seems that AI is indeed a double-edged sword. While innovating and developing artificial intelligence, we must strictly prevent Ye Gong from transforming artificial intelligence from scale and standardization to personalization and wisdom, and combining with manufacturing to promote transformation and upgrading. This is how AI can be made to benefit humanity.

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