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5G beautiful new world, Zeng Xuezhong to lead ZTE to build a world-class pan-chip giant

ZiGuang ZhanRui is the second largest chip design company in China that is also a top 10 global chip supplier, is made up of the previous Spreadtrum and Tridonic A leading pan-chip solutions provider resulting from the merger of two major chip companies.

Zeng Xuezhong, who has 20 years of experience in the communications industry, has experienced the golden era of China's communications industry and has worked solidly from a basic engineer all the way to become a senior manager in the industry and a star figure in the domestic communications industry. He joined Ziguang Group as global executive vice president in April 2017 and later became CEO of ZTE at the same time.

When Zeng Xuezhong was interviewed by the media, he was asked why he chose to join ZTE Group and take the helm of ZTE. He suggested thatfuture 20 up to 30 year, right in In terms of the semiconductor industry, It will be a new golden week period, It's gonna be a great time., I've come to Purple as a national mission.

Zeng Xuezhong elaborated on ZTE's goals in this way: not only mobile chips, but also TV chips, IoT, automotive electronics, Bluetooth and peripheral RF devices are all targets for ZTE, and he wants Establishing ZTE as a world-class pan-chip design giant

For the upcoming 5G market, Zeng Xuezhong believes that 5G will change the competitive landscape of the entire industry and is a hot spot in the communications industry, which is an important opportunity for China, and for ZTE as well; and He expects 2020 to be the year of the whole 5G explosion . With 5G as its strategic target, ZTE has passed the first and second stages of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's 5G R&D technology test and is actively preparing for the third stage test, while also working closely with domestic and international equipment vendors, instrumentation manufacturers and operators. At the same time, ZTE is working on 5G pre-production and developing a roadmap for SoC development.

In addition, in the field of artificial intelligence, ZTE has also made new breakthroughs. The SC9863, the first mobile silicon platform to support AI applications, launched in May 2018, is the first SoC platform to feature an 8-core ArmCortex-A55 processor. Powered by a high-performance 8-core 1.6 GHz Arm Cortex-A55 processor architecture, the SC9863 delivers 20% more performance and 6x more AI processing power than the Arm Cortex-A53.

Furthermore, through intelligent AI algorithms, real-time intelligent scene detection and recognition can be achieved, while for different scenes to Smart Photo Enhancement and support Intelligent recognition and classification of mobile side gallery photos . The chip also supports deep neural network-based face recognition technology, which enables Fast and accurate face authentication Protecting user privacy and information security . The ZTE SC9863 also focuses on improving the processing power of the camera, with SLAM algorithms that can Stable and smooth AR photo/video support, basic in IR Structured Light Implementation Highly accurate 3D imaging and modeling Function.

Zeng Xuezhong will speak at the Semiconductor Industry Trends Forum hosted by DeepTech on June 2 in which to bring you Cutting-edge vision of the 5G industry , and ZTE's Layout Planand shared his insightful observations accumulated over the years with the guests present.

In this summit, the From equipment and materials, development and design, manufacturing, and even industry applications, we will discuss how to cultivate the core strength of China's semiconductor chip industry; we will also analyze how China's next-generation technology industry will gain a strategic position with key influence in the world competition battlefield from a global perspective, competition, and ecological synergy.

This time DeepTech has joined forces with Foxconn Technology Group Centronics in 2 June 2018 hold "All the people are one core, and the stones are turned into crystals." The Beijing Summit, which brings together dozens of elite leaders from across the global technology industry, will provide a full day's agenda of In-depth analysis of the opportunities and directions of the new wave of China's technology industry coming


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