5Learn Programming in Minutes: Essential development tools for front-end engineers—Photoshop sheet

The foremost task of a front-end engineer is to cut up the designer's design and translate it into code, So we have to learn some basic operations of design software and cutting methods。

Photoshop The most widely used design software, Most people use it., It's important to learn.

Photoshop Interface settings

New Setup

loud:1920 pixels

broad:2000 pixels

resolution (of a photo):72 pixels/ inch (unit of length equal 2.54 cm.)

Color Mode:RGB color 8 location

Background: transparently

Color Profiles:SRGB IEC61966-2.1

Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square pixels

Remember to save as a preset----- Easy to use next time

web design, Because you don't have to print it out, That's why pixels are generally used as units, And those that need to be printed generally use centimeters as units

Mobile tool settings

(computer) shortcut key“v”

upper left,“ Automatic selection” choose from among“ picture layer”。 If we don't get this., The next step will check“ group”

Mobile Tools, hold downctrl, Then left-click with the, Layers can be selected

View Settings

(located) at“ view” check the box in“ Smart Reference Line”、“ staff gauge”

computer operating system window, simply require“ picture layer”、“ historical record”、“ information”、“ word-symbol”

In the panel options for information,“ First color information”、“ Second color information” All modes of the RGB。“ Mouse coordinates” The scale units of the pixels,“ Status Information”, tick Document size, Document Size


preference-> Units & Dimensions

“ unit” hit the target“ staff gauge” harmony“ size” all use pixels

“ column size” hit the target“ widths” be 180 point (in space or time),“ binding line” be 12 point (in space or time)

“ New document preset resolution” hit the target“ Print Resolution” be 300 pixels/ inch (unit of length equal 2.54 cm.),“ Screen Resolution” be 72 pixels/ inch (unit of length equal 2.54 cm.)

“ point (in space or time)/ Pie Card Size” be PostScript(72 point (in space or time)/ inch (unit of length equal 2.54 cm.))

work area

computer operating system window-> work area-> New work area

Checking keyboard shortcuts and menus, You can save the settings you just made

PS Front End Cuts

1. What is a cutout?

From the design draft( as if.psd documents) Cut out the picture material in( as if.png、.jpg documents)DIV+CSS cut a map 1. first step: Cut out the button from inside the design、 icon (computing)、logo、 background chart、 Other content images... 2. second step: As per the rendering, Write the code, Introducing the cut out image, Implement a static page。

2. Why cut a picture?

Some effects on web pages cannot be achieved by writing code, Or the compatibility of the effect achieved in code is not good enough, this time,

These effects can be achieved by introducing image resources。 Two ways to add image footage to a web page:

1.HTML:img label2.CSS:background properties

2. Slicing Tools+ reference line

* After getting the reference line, Click on the slice tool, Click on the above Reference line based slicing * Shortcut for reference line Press and hold Alt+v+e, be fast * suggest: You can use the crop tool, Cut into small pieces to cut * After slicing, clicking“ documents” hit the target“ stored asweb Format used” * Precise Cut * “ documents”-> script-> Exporting images to files

3. Before cutting

** What needs to be cut out?

1. qualifying( Generally used inbackground properties——CSS) . icon (computing)、logo . Buttons with special effects、 text, etc . A non-solid background Background tile: For tiling that tiles the background, ForCSS inbackground-repeat properties 2. content-based( Generally used inimg label—HTML) . Banner、 Advertising images . Image in the article…

Simple about the front endps tools and operations

1. Mobile Tools— (computer) shortcut keyV

* Set up*: The options area—— Automatic selection、 picture layer * function*: You can move directly with the mousepsd Any layer on the graph; However, it is not recommended to choose automatically in normal times,Cmd+ Mouse clickpsd Any layer on the graph, The layer is automatically selected in the Layers panel。

2. Select the tool— (computer) shortcut keyM

Add to selection: hold downShift Subtract from the selection: hold downAlt pressshift( Draw a positive circle) pressalt+shift( Draw a square circle at the center) Delete Selection--ctrl+d

3. Cutting tools+ Slicing Tools

For event pages that can be one-size-fits-all 1. pull a reference line: Pull the line from the scale bar 2. Select the Slice tool and click“ Reference line based slicing” button

What type of picture is stored in the cut?

1. Content-synoptic pictures

The colors are relatively rich, Generally saved asJPG format, Compression is also required, To ensure that the picture size is appropriate

2. Cosmetic pictures

Generally saved asPNG24 format(IE6 Translucency is not supported) orPNG8 format, Both support full transparency, PNG24 Translucency is also supported,PNG24 The quality of the picture is high

Here's a summary of what's going on with the front endps skill, Of course there's a lot more to it that hasn't been covered. I'm learning and adding to it myself。

If people find this article useful, Click to favorite!, thanks!( If you want to learn the front end, write to me privately)

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