A $300,000 class setup for $100,000! It's a car worth buying!

Throughout the major car forums and circles of friends, the topic of "what car to buy for 100,000 yuan" is a long-standing one.

On September 20, the Qin Pro Fuel Edition, which is known as a self-evolving aesthetic midsize sedan, was officially launched, giving the 100,000 midsize car market an optimal choice, just like the topic terminator.

New architecture empowers explosive genes born

BYD, which has entered the second half of the "intelligent" automotive transformation, has launched a new architecture - BNA, which is composed of an international all-engine, all-power intelligent manufacturing platform, an intelligent AI technology leading intelligent platform, an autonomous driving platform with open vehicle hardware and a new energy platform leading the world.

BNA, as BYD's top-level design in the new era of car-making, will comprehensively optimize the whole value chain of BYD's car production, intellectual manufacturing, R&D and procurement, and help Qin Pro evolve comprehensively in multiple dimensions such as aesthetics, safety, intelligence and driving control, and can achieve infinite iteration and evolution, with endless imagination.

The Qin Pro Fuel, built on BNA, a high-grade intelligence incubator, shares top design, R&D and production standards for car building with dual-mode and pure electric models. It is not only online, intelligent, powerful and well-equipped, but also brings consumers a rich configuration and experience at the most sincere price, simply taking the value tags of "China's most beautiful mid-size sedan", "the smartest car ever", "all-dimensional safety butler" and "born with a superior physique" into the bag.

Moreover, with the support of BNA, Qin Pro is in line with the international first-class standard in design, workmanship, materials, quality and craftsmanship, which truly surpasses the level of the same class of joint venture cars.

Now, with the empowerment of BNA, Song MAX, the new generation Tang, Yuan EV360, and the new generation Song have all become breakout models. It is predictable that the Qin Pro will also be strong by virtue of its inherently superior car-making genes, and will cross over to the path of explosive success.

Dragon Face design is a great value

The Qin Pro is sculpted by international design master Eiger inDragon Face design language after the body, both the details of the carving or the trim of the lines of features are showing a good visual impact, more atmospheric, sporty, the community is the emergence of the "most beautiful Chinese sedan" such a complimentary word. Compared to the joint venture models Hennessy, Lang Yi and Sprint, the Qin Pro looks more stylish and sporty, more in line with the aesthetics of young people. (Here's a comparison of the Hennessy and Qin Pro models)

For example, from the front, the Qin Pro's "dragon face" is elegant and refined, in line with the majority of national aesthetics. The exterior design of the Hennessey is relatively old and traditional, with a moderate design.

On the side, the Qin Pro's dragon leaping waistline and meteor curved slider shape outline a tight, dynamic side; the Xuan Yi's side lines are bland and lack energy.

The rear of the Qin Pro has clean and crisp lines, and the Crystal Flare seamless through LED taillights reveal a premium feel. The rear end of the Hennessey remains a modest design, with no obvious flaws but no highlights either.

In detail, the Dragon Beam headlights, consisting of Star Blue Suspended Wake-up LED headlights, Flowing Energy turn signals and Crystal Shine Seamless Through LED taillights, are interactive, technological and textured, more in line with the preferences of the young trendsetters. The Hennessy's lights are relatively mediocre in design and opt for halogen as the light source.

Inside, the Qin Pro is paired with a 12.8-inch 8-core Adaptive Rotating Hover Pad with virtually invisible physical buttons and a great sense of technology. The Xanadu's interior design is simple and plain, and there isn't even a center screen in the same price range.

In the automotive world, a beautiful exterior design not only attracts the attention of consumers, but also adds a lot of selling points to the vehicle. It's safe to say that aesthetic value has become the primary decision factor in car buying. So, but in terms of value, the overall visual sensation of the Qin Pro is indeed a benchmark in the mid-range market.

A generation ahead of the competition in terms of intelligence

From the automotive sector, the model with the most artificial intelligence genes is the BYD Qin Pro. The D++ open ecology brings together the wisdom of global developers to derive infinite possible in-vehicle applications, and with the DiLink intelligent network connection system as the undertaking, the Qin Pro becomes a new AI species that can evolve infinitely through OTA intelligent remote upgrade of the whole vehicle, allowing users to synchronize with the pulse of the times and truly feel the intelligent experience.

We can find that while Xuan Yi and other models are still focusing on the simple in-car functions supported by their own in-car multimedia systems, Qin Pro, with the support of BYD's leading intelligent network connection technology, is already far ahead in intelligence, and this is the unique product value to achieve a breakthrough in market value.

In addition, the Qin Pro sits on an ADAS intelligent safety driving assistance system that includes features such as automatic braking, adaptive cruise control and predictive collision warning system, enabling L2-level autonomous driving. It is foreseeable that it will also bring the L3 level of autonomous driving capabilities in the future with the help of the D++ open ecology and OTA remote upgrade function.

Superior space performance for a better experience

The Qin Pro is a complete crossover hit to the compact Corolla and Hennessy in terms of size and space in the mid-size class.

At the same time, from the overall market situation, we found that in terms of configuration, space and size, the Qin Pro is very "hard" on itself, so much so that it has an overwhelming competitive advantage over joint venture cars such as the Lang Yi and Xuan Yi.

International master tuning for a superior driving experience

The chassis tuning team, led by former Mercedes-Benz chassis tuning expert Hans, ensures that the Qin Pro has better comfort while taking into account handling performance to maximize the user's good driving experience.

In terms of actual ride quality, the Qin Pro also reflects the standards expected of an international mainstream car manufacturer. The high-performance chassis is able to filter the impact from bumpy roads more effectively, and the power output is smooth and surging, with overall performance better than that of its class rivals.

With both product and price in hand, Qin Pro has re-established the foundation of the value coordinate system in the mid-range car market from the value level, perfectly interpreting the philosophy of "surpassing competitors and surpassing consumers' imagination". It not only meets the current demand for highly intelligent and high-quality cars, but also looks far into the future, opening up a new era of AI cars with infinite evolutionary imagination, and deserves to be the first choice in the 100,000-class mid-size car market.

Edited by Jie Li

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