A Christmas gift from a new friend.

It's Christmas and we're planning to introduce you early to a new friend, BBAEX from the Australian village of Kangaroo Dunes.

BBAEX is a young, unknown team of 6 technically savvy people from Australia in the field of network engineering and cyber security. Our contact with them was purely by chance, from a small offline technical seminar in September this year (actually these guys are just visiting the country ...... ). The topic of discussion at the time was also something in terms of information security and user privacy and information rights, and that led to a conversation about cryptography, followed by blockchain, and then the business of chain letters.

You guys need to know that once you find a person's excitement, people are eager to talk about something in depth. In this way, a technical seminar inevitably spun off into a kirky seminar, and the atmosphere became kirky, shifting from the small academic hall to the jerk-off shop. As Chinese people, we are of course very good at eating, a skill left behind by our ancestors. And how could the Aussie Village peeps, who usually only eat cow, goat, kangaroo and grass in a big sauce, possibly resist the power of jerking off and sesame chow (don't ask how we communicate, not to mention that Sunny Sauce is so fluent in English that he's as good as the ones who broadcast American dramas. The other team also has a Chinese girl in their team (something I wouldn't accidentally say by accident heh heh), so they successfully fell under the spell of my Greater China dark cuisine.

In this way, facilitated by shared values and good food, BBAEX decided to first create a truly decentralized, secure and high-performance trading platform, on the basis of which it will fully explore the practical application of blockchain technology in the field of real data services and information exchange in the future. The platform will go live for the first time on December 27 in its basic version, and the Crypto Token debuting on the platform is CXC.

Well, that's all for now about this new friend, and we'll be posting nude photos of them from time to time as the collaboration unfolds, in addition to their own revelations... Well there is no nude photo, it's an introduction.

Ahem serious serious, here's the serious stuff to talk about.

(please automatically switch the broadcast cavity--)

In December 2017, Chain Letter and BBAEX team signed the Blockchain Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement to complement each other's strengths and formally reach strategic cooperation in blockchain underlying technology development and application.

Those of you who have been following and supporting ChainXin know that ChainXin has voluntarily shut down its trading platform in September to comply with the national regulatory policy, but we haven't stopped exploring how to make the value of ChainXin coins (CXC) held by users higher. We're sorry to have kept you waiting so long, but we're also incredibly grateful for your patience, for choosing to trust us when we had nothing, and for sticking around while we worked non-stop on the underlying development.

17 November, the development of Chain Letter main network was completed, and Chain Letter Light Wallet and Trustee Wallet clients were launched for full network testing.

7 December The main website of Chain Letter was officially launched, and the official website opened for coin withdrawals on December 8.

25 December The main network is running steadily and about 400 users have applied to become trustees. Based on the real-time ranking, the top 101 coin holders will be rewarded with minting.

During this period, we were approached by other good project teams and we chose the BBAEX team first after a comprehensive consideration. CXC will also go live on bbaex.com on December 27 at 11:00 (BST), and users will be able to top up CXC from their Chain Letter wallets to the platform from 10:00 on December 26.

And of course, the reason we chose BBAEX was simple - the values fit.

Quality team


Quality technology


Considerable development

BBAEX is combined with Chain Letter blockchain technology, docked to the Chain Letter main network, and provides customized services for CXC coin-holding users.

Unlike all other exchanges on the market, every CXC transaction is traceable and tamper-proof in the block browser, making it more secure and the first of its kind in the industry.

In addition, Chain Letter and BBAEX team will jointly explore the application of blockchain underlying technology to serve enterprise-level business projects, continuously innovate and spread the value of blockchain technology, and enhance the international influence of China's blockchain technology.

The road is long, but the journey will be long. Never forget the beginning, never forget the end.

And finally, Merry Christmas to everyone!

Chain letter team

December 25, 2017

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