A Guide for Front-End Developers (2017)

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About the translator: born in sorrow, die in peace. The HJT team consists of ten people with different skills, but their hearts are the same. Front-end technologies are vast and diverse, and there are many different types of side projects, but if you don't learn, you don't advance. Whenever I thought of this, I could not stop thinking about it, so I worked on it in my spare time, and in a month or so, I obtained a Chinese translation of this book. With the good intention of benefiting others and ourselves, this initiative aims to make a small contribution to the front-end community and to benefit both ourselves and others. During this time translators, proofreaders, coordinators, collators, re-reviewers, and all parties helped. Share with you.

Author. Cody Lindley (Cody Lindley) , by "Frontend Masters Proudly sponsored by.

This is a guide that can be used by anyone to learn front-end development practices. The guide broadly outlines front-end engineering and also discusses the practice of front-end engineering: how to learn it and what tools to use to practice it in 2017?

The author intends to create this book as a professional resource to provide learning materials and development tools for front-end developers who want to or are practicing. Secondly, it is equally available for executives, CTOs, instructors and headhunters to explore front-end development practices in depth.

This book is biased towards WEB technologies (HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript) and open source technologies built directly from these technologies. The material cited and discussed in the book is either the best of its kind or a popular solution to a problem.

This book is not a comprehensive platform that encompasses all the resources available on the front end. The value is in scouring concise, focused and timely selections for just enough classifieds to avoid getting bogged down in particular topics.

It is expected that the book will iterate its content once a year.

The book is divided into three parts.

Part I: Front End Practices

The first section provides an overview of front-end engineering practices.

Part 2: Learning Front-End Development

The second section identifies the self-study and teaching resources needed to learn to become a front-end developer (translation: teaching resources include paid courses, programs, academies, and boot camps with instructors).

Part III: Front-end Development Tools

Part III briefly introduces and points out some of the tools available in the front-end circle.

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