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For the air conditioning industry, 2017 was indeed a "bumper year", so that the air conditioning industry, which has been "watching the sky to eat", has gained rapid growth space. According to data related to the "Air Conditioning Sales" yearbook, the mid-range retail volume of China's air conditioning market was 55.15 million units in 2017, an increase of about 25% from 44.2 million units in the previous year, a record sales performance.

The growth of retail sales in the air conditioning market in 2017 was higher than the retail sales volume, which shows that the trend of high-end air conditioning market is becoming more and more obvious. The significant increase in the proportion of smart air conditioners is driven by two factors, one is to meet the demand for consumer upgrading, one is the younger generation and middle-class families have become the main force in China's home appliance consumption, they need a higher-end trying experience, happy to "pay" for the high technology content of smart appliances.

As a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, Changhong air conditioners are said to be at the forefront of the industry. In 2017 Changhong has launched artificial intelligence voice to chat Q2F series of cabinet machines, artificial intelligence voice to chat Q3N series of hanging machines, artificial intelligence intelligent eye Q3Ts series of cabinet machines, become a hot spot for consumers to pursue. In addition, Changhong launched four high-quality smart air conditioners during this year's May Day Golden Week, the most popular of which are the Q3Ts Artificial Intelligence Smart Eye Cabinet and the Q3B II Generation IoT Cabinet.

According to the appliance industry, Changhong Q3Ts is the industry's first fully intelligent product that integrates image, location, gesture and voice recognition. With its unique artificial intelligence recognition technology, the air conditioner can automatically identify the user's identity (gender and age) through its ultra-sensitive and highly sophisticated body camera, and automatically adjust the air conditioner's operating parameters according to the user's behavior of using the air conditioner, providing personalized comfort air solutions to fully meet the user's needs. Unlike ordinary air conditioners that can only adjust temperature and air speed, the F-Plus Precision Control Technology featured in Q3Ts can precisely adjust indoor air quality, allowing users to be cool but not cold, warm but not dry, avoiding temperature fluctuations and providing constant comfort.

As we all know, today is a period of rapid development of the Internet of Things, and Changhong, as a brand with the industry's top MCU IoT technology, obviously can't lag behind in this area, and the Changhong Q3B Ⅱ generation IoT cabinet happens to be a product of this period. Compared with other brands of IoT air conditioners, its biggest advantage is that not only can it be operated remotely, but it can be operated using the WIFI that comes with the air conditioner itself if there is no independent WIFI at home. Not limited by time and place, as long as you can be connected, you can interconnect, interoperate and control with the air conditioner in the cloud via mobile phone or PAD from anywhere on earth (also voice operated), making it more convenient to use and one step faster to comfort.

As the traditional strength of Changhong's home appliance business, Changhong has set 2018 as the "Year of Quality Development," with the business goal of "maintaining stable growth in revenue scale, while increasing R&D efforts for overseas branded products, actively promoting the outward expansion of overseas business, and striving to achieve major overseas M&A projects.

According to Changhong's 2017 annual report released on April 17, Sichuan Changhong has achieved operating revenue of 77.632 billion yuan, up 15.57% year-on-year, with TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners and other products, achieving steady growth against the backdrop of the overall industry trend downward. It is worth mentioning that overseas has also become an important battleground for Changhong's development, with Sichuan Changhong's overseas revenue amounting to 14.227 billion yuan in 2017, up 8.91% year-on-year. The Company has established a total of 14 subsidiaries, 3 overseas R&D centers and 7 overseas representative offices overseas, realizing the going out of Changhong products, Changhong manufacturing, Changhong technology and Changhong brand, and the Company's overseas sales ratio and profitability are rapidly increasing year by year.

From the technical level, Changhong will also continue to strengthen the construction of artificial intelligence laboratories in 2018, striving to establish industry-leading advantages in natural language interaction, video behavior recognition, voice processing and other fields within three years, and promote the establishment of "information security" and "new energy materials" laboratories; At the same time, we will accelerate the establishment of competitive laboratories for picture quality technology, inverter technology, and Internet of Things technology to strengthen the technical support capacity for industrial development.

Now, to define Changhong simply as an appliance brand or appliance manufacturer is not quite accurate. In the opinion of Appliance World, by moving from quality to service and from closed to open, Changhong is growing into an innovative technology company, thus realizing its new value.

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