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A comprehensive analysis of how face recognition can help upgrade campus intelligence

The government work report of the 2018 National People's Congress clearly proposed to strengthen the research and application of a new generation of artificial intelligence, promote the "Internet" in many fields such as education, healthcare, elderly care, culture and sports, develop intelligent industries and expand intelligent life. In order to empower and accelerate the rapid implementation of smart city, several science and technology enterprises use the technical advantages of face recognition to deepen the layout to the wide range of fields where identity recognition can be utilized. In addition to the field of smart security, smart campus is the primary mining field where face recognition can be utilized with the fastest and most applicable effect.

In order to promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the education field, we have launched a digital upgrade solution from campus to classroom for the traditional campus management model, creating an AI smart campus platform, an innovative application experience that has overturned traditional teaching and re-opened a new model of smart campus management.

The Zhongqingsoft AI Smart Campus Platform is a campus management system built with face recognition technology as the core, combined with campus information system and mobile Internet.

The platform is mainly divided into6 large module, respectively, the Smart Hostel Management System、 Face Recognition Payment System、 Intelligent Attendance Management System、 Face Recognition Digital Orientation System、 School District Security Management System、 Intelligent public resource management systems, etc.。

1.Smart Hostel Management

Intelligent dormitory management system enables personnel identification through face recognition technology, Real-time screening of each person entering the dormitory building, Real-time tracking and alerting of trespassers who are not in the dormitory building, Effective protection of students' personal safety。 currently, The system has been installed at China University of Mining and Technology、 Nanyang Polytechnic、 Zhengzhou Light Industry Institute、 Henan Economy and Trade、 Beijing Jiaotong University and many other universities put it into use。

2.Face Recognition Payment System

School Canteen、 supermarkets、 Consumer places such as medical offices, One in front of each window.“ Smart Consumer Terminal”, Face recognition support/ Dual authentication with finger vein recognition。 Students can simply walk to“ Smart Consumer Terminal” identification area, The terminal automatically identifies student information, After confirming the amount, Available through“ swipe one's face” perhaps“ swipe a finger”, Complete payment, Very convenient and safe。

3.Intelligent Attendance Management System

The system adopts face recognition to verify students' identity, realizing the unity of person, place and time, effectively eliminating the phenomenon of attendance falsification and eliminating the tedious roll-call process, and at the same time, it can realize the statistics of attendance results for any period of time and push attendance reports in real time according to demand, and can also be used for faculty meeting attendance. Effectively improve the efficiency of school class and meeting attendance, reduce teachers' burden, and truly make attendance work efficient and timely.

4. Face Recognition Digital Orientation System

Students can enter the school gate without active cooperation and automatically "swipe their faces" to sign in, and the back-end system assigns classrooms and dormitories for them. At the same time, it can also complete the student identity verification work, through the new students on-site face photo, ID card photo, school photo and other multiple face authentication comparison, to confirm their identity, to eliminate the phenomenon of false school registration, instead of enrollment, etc., reducing the manual workload, compared with the traditional verification efficiency is greatly improved.

This system can solve the queues that exist during the identification of new students for admission and level examinations、 Phenomena such as human error, Making student identification faster、 efficient。

5.Intelligent Campus Security Management System

The campus security system built by the system using face recognition technology is an effective upgrade and supplement to the traditional security system, capable of real-time video monitoring and analysis, motion tracking, crowd detection, face detection and recognition of non-school personnel, and transforming the massive amount of captured portrait and video data into the data of face tagging. When a suspicious person or a large gathering of people is detected, the system automatically issues a warning signal and notifies the duty officer in time. The system is equipped with powerful data query, retrieval and processing functions, providing strong technical support for the safe campus.

6.Intelligent Public Resource Management System

One face to solve all access rights management problems on campus。 Early capture of student facial information for archival purposes, In the backend system with the school number、 Classes and other information binding, Enables self-help management of students in public places。

Importance of using face recognition technology in campus security management for smart campuses.

1、 Visitor Management: Students can submit visitor photos online, and after the system is approved, visitors can pass through the school in the time slots and areas set up in advance, which ensures the convenience of visitors and avoids disturbance to the normal teaching order.

2、 Access Control: Set up face recognition access for students, Control of student access to residence halls on campus、 classrooms、 library、 Office space etc., Through smart access control systems, Achieve unmanned management。

3. Examination system. Biometric authentication of the identity of students taking the exams, such as face and finger vein, will be successful before they can take the exams, effectively eliminating fraudulent acts such as proxy exams and substitution.

4、 Attendance Management: Complete student attendance statistics, The system can automatically generate data reports, Reduction in teachers' daily work, Enables real-time transmission of user identification data、 Archiving and Reminder Functionality, All data support export, Managers can check at any time and at any time、 management。

5、 Enrollment Identification: Verification of new student admissions through biometrics, Effectively eliminating the incidence of fraudulent enrolment。

At present, the development of the situation of relying on face recognition to build a smart campus is gradually popularized and landed. From the viewpoint of industry demand, it is worth drawing attention to the security management of the focused smart campus, and this technology has a very positive role in guaranteeing the intelligent management of the personal safety of students in the school.

Looking at industry trends, Face recognition technology in the implementation of smart campus is the basic application, And the derivative developments on top of face recognition technology, Intelligent Video Surveillance System、 Intelligent sensing of the environment、 Integrated Information Intelligent Service Platform、 Computer network information services intelligent integration and other aspects can accelerate the implementation of smart campus construction。

Looking at industry forecasts, The unmanned management of the smart campus will also be realized one by one, The trend towards smart campuses has grown by popular demand。

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