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A farmer's uncle built a robot identical to the Japs to pull carts for the villagers

In recent years, artificial intelligence is highly developed, many people are obsessed with it, even you farmers see business opportunities and want a piece of the pie, such as this peasant uncle in Henan province who made millions of profits by ghost pulling. A 57-year-old uncle called Duan Shaojie is on fire in Duanwan Village, Yanshui, Luoyang City, Henan Province, but he's on fire not because of how unique he is himself, but because of the unique robots he makes.

He made a robot pulling a cart, this robot dressed in an imperial army uniform, feet on a pair of military boots, head also wore a bag ears imperial army cap, Zou Zou face with a pair of tangled eyebrows, a pair of small eyes, as well as a handful of Japanese trademark moustache, the whole face looks to be emitting bitterness, can be said to be almost identical to the Japanese soldiers, Duan Shaojie brought him to the bazaar, instantly attracted a large wave of people to come to the crowd, they touched here, there look, taking pictures, some even went up to experience, the feeling of being pulled by him.

And the robot was a handful pulling the cart, he was particularly fun to watch as he ran fast and slow at times pulling him along, and spinning in a bit of a circle at times. But this practice has caused controversy, some people say this practice belongs to masturbation, is in disgrace to the Chinese, others say it is well done and should be mass produced, what do you think about this?

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