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A female programmer's need statement for a boyfriend

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I often hear people say that the life of a programmer is boring for people stereotypes, in fact, this is you do not understand programmers. Beyond the code, in life, the humor and talent of these highly intelligent people can often be glimpsed in the magical realm of the 'forum'. (Sad, because there's so little place and time for them to showcase their talents outside of Coder! ) A wonderful post and repost I read on the forum, put together for your amusement.

Full text

Objective. Looking for a boyfriend

Overview.Required height1.76 above( Because of my height1.70), proficiencyC++ program( At least better than me.), 24 Over age because I>23 year&& myself

My Profile. I have been working in the computer industry in Beijing for two years, although the level is not high, but I have the ambition to become an expert, insist that only by starting from coder will I really become a master, admire c++ masters, and like music and football in my spare time.


Basic Path.

1: You're a genuine person, not just playing around

2: Leave me your basic conditions and basic contact information

3: I'll contact you if I think it's appropriate

4: Try to be friends

5: Becoming a lover

6: Marriage

Exception path.

1: Step 3 I don't think is appropriate

2: Won't be contacting you, very sorry, hope you'll have better karma!

Here are the responses from users

Re 1. It is strongly required to publish development, testing and maintenance documentation after the project is completed.

Re 2. It's not a good fit you just GOTO people to: won't be contacting you, very sorry, hope you'll have a better destiny!

Response 3:The boyfriend search process must follow the CMM5 specification to implement, and strive for this project to become a CMM5 model project!

We are now forming a CMM review team, sign up if you want to participate .....

Re 4. Your documentation won't pass ISO2002-SW-CMM1, the project won't pass, go ask the technical director!

Re 5. The CMM team decided from one to the other that the requirement did not pass and was completely unable to analyze the information provided by the requirement side (e.g., requirement side conditions, photos, etc.), so this review failed.

Response 6: It is strongly requested that the development, testing and maintenance documentation be made public, and if possible the source code as well.

// Version 1.0 Shareware(C) Copyright 2003

BOOL IfYourWantToFindSomeOne(){


If(Has_Photos()){ // there are photos

if( height==My. boyfriend. height.180CM&&  appearance==My. boyfriend. appearance && OtherConditions()){

return TRUE;



return FALSE;




if(That_Man_Is_Good_Man()){ //It's hard to say whether good or bad people

return TRUE;



Your_Meet_A_Bad_Man();//Bad guys abound, better to look around

return FALSE;




while(_404_No_Found_Boy_Friend() &&My. energies– && My. confidence–)


Reply 8: This requirement is too simple, which means you didn't do a serious requirements analysis, and your requirements will probably change during your "design phase".

Re 9.TO 7:

Program error: at line 18 of no initlizeted

Program error: at line 18 of FindFriend.cpp:my.confidence to initlizeted

Oh it could be a WARNING

But it's dangerous, the system may crash.

Re 10. The process is too simple, with poorly considered anomalous branches, in addition to requirements analysis and insufficient estimation of the purpose of the project and project risks. Cannot be considered a qualified statement of need.

Author: Little Skinny Horse

Published by Programmers Together, please contact the author for permission to reprint

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