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A few sites with free images to use to avoid copyright infringement

Current image infringement can be broadly classified into two ways

1. Reproduction of infringements

Copyrighted images are used for free, for articles or elsewhere.

2. Commercial infringement

Free use of copyrighted images for commercial profit use.

How to avoid image infringement

1、Do not use images that have not been declared copyright

2、Only image annotation can be used commercially free of charge

3, if not authorized, you can learn from each other's ideas and take similar pictures yourself

4, try to use foreign picture sites on the material, the mainstream picture sites on each material has a description of the author, licensing agreements, etc.

Here are some quality photo sites that you can use with confidence


stocksnap has a huge amount of free clear images that load fast and are free to download without logging in.

Stocksnap uses the Creative commons license which is a CCO license. That means we can download the image file that

Post, modify, copy, alter and share the image for commercial use.

Stocksnap can find the desired image by type (with the help of a translator if you don't speak English well).


plxabay is one of the world's largest free photo sites, with a wide variety of genres and a Chinese interface.

pixabay can likewise find desired images by type.

pixabay can also find free images of vector types


unsplash has over 300,000 free HD images that load fast and are free to download without logging in.

unsplash promises that all images are free to download for commercial use.


pexels has a huge collection of free HD images that you can download for free without logging in.

All images in pexels are licensed under the CCO license, so all images are free to download and use for commercial purposes.

When you enter the home page and click on more under the search box a large number of keywords will appear, by which you can search for the desired image.




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