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A few skills that architects need to have

1. A good architect must be a good programmer

How can you point the finger if you haven't written n years of code?

How can you guide pit avoidance without having done N years of architecture practice?

How can you convince people with only a framework and no details?

bad case: project fails, architect reviews technical team for "poor competence"

bad case : project failed, technical team criticized architect for "just fooling around"

2. Cross-domain knowledge

If only one direction ability is strong, at best count as a master of technology

In addition to being an expert in one/several directions, it is important to have an understanding of the end, site, services, data and many other aspects

Knowledge of R&D, testing, operations and security

In addition to technology, business, products, project management should have some understanding

The picture: is it worth discussing whether it's good or bad to specialize in one direction for 10 years?

3. The ability to "articulate the problem" is an important one

Know how to abstract and simplify complex things

Know how to visualize abstract things and make them concrete

Know how to drop an image onto a whiteboard and draw it

Know how to tell things on the whiteboard

BAD CASE: Some architects, who understand themselves, but can't speak about it, quite unfortunately.

4. Ability to land, communicate, and execute

It's not enough to talk clearly, it's the real work that can be achieved on the ground

Also technical people, communication should not be commanded and dictated

Don't hang on to lofty terms every day, it's what's on the ground that's of value

Pictorial: have you heard a lot of these terms lately? Blockchain, cloud computing, Saas. Always be careful, any architectural design that is divorced from the business is a rogue.

Ever seen a great man on paper?

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