cool hit counter A good vehicle design should be able to change the world! This car did it._Intefrankly

A good vehicle design should be able to change the world! This car did it.

The future, in the twinkling of an eye. It seems that automakers are once again falling into the same trap they have already fallen into - designing specific vehicles to match modular vehicles. There is a growing demand for "multi-purpose" vehicles. But in many parts of many cities, SUVs are too big for casual driving. An interesting point of view to develop on this topic comes from the team at Bakulin Automotive Group and Volgabus with their Matrēshka concept car.

Matrēshka is a modular self-driving vehicle explicitly designed for commercial use. With various modifications, Matrēshka has evolved to include passenger buses for 8-12 people, cargo platforms, dedicated utility vehicles and more. The concept's slightly rounded rectangular design language is already present on many self-driving car concepts.

With a clever design that splits the car and changes its use to suit the specific situation, the Matrēshka is designed to be very flexible and adaptable.

The ever-changing world we live in may really need such a good, efficient and flexible car.

Designers: Anton Kujilniy, Grisha Reshetnikov, Alexey Filin, Olga Protopopova and Ivan Borisov

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