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A guide for Java beginners

My own summary of Java learning system knowledge points and interview questions, has now been open source, will always improve, welcome advice and guidance welcome Star:.

The way the author suggests beginners learn Java: read books + videos + practice (the most difficult problem for beginners is actually in the environment)

Java Learning Books Recommendations

Head First Java. second edition.

I can say that it is my Java enlightenment book, especially suitable for newcomers to read of course also suitable for us to warm up Java knowledge points.

Java Core Technologies Volume 1 + Volume 2.

Great two books, recommend reading them after a bit of Java basics, the presentation is still quite in depth, highly recommended.

Java Programming Ideas (4th Edition).

This book should be read often, beginners can get a quick overview, intermediate programmers can take a deeper look at java, and old birds can also use it to review the system of java. The book is awesome because it integrates design patterns in an invisible way, and the book is hard to read precisely because his integration of design patterns is invisible.

A summary of some Java oriented learning books (PDF is only a preview, we recommend buying the original copy).

Link. Password: b88d

Java Learning Video Recommendations

The Complete Java Engineer Learning Path (MU Java Engineer Path) Alternatively you can also follow the WeChat public number. "Java Interview Passbook" Reply to keywords in the background "The first wave of resource sharing" Get instant access to videos related to Javaweb Engineers and Big Data Engineers inside Dark Horse as well as supporting materials.

The following videos are compiled from free courses related to the Java Engineer Pathway on

Java Basic Interview FAQ Summary

Super detailed Java interview questions summary (a) of Java basics

  1. The difference between overloading and overwriting
  2. Automatic crating and uncrating
  3. What are the differences between member variables and local variables?
  4. What is the difference between a static method and an instance method?
  5. What is the difference between equals and ==?

Super detailed Java interview questions summary (II) of Java basics

  1. How many different ways are there to create threads? Which one do you like? Why?
  2. What are the basic states of threads? How are these states defined?
  3. When is the finalize() method called? What is the purpose of an analytic function (finalization)?

Super detailed Java interview questions summary (three) of Java collection chapter FAQ

  1. List, Set, Map three differences and summary
  2. Arraylist vs LinkedList Differences
  3. ArrayList vs Vector Difference (Why use Arraylist instead of Vector?) )
  4. The difference between HashMap and Hashtable
  5. HashSet and HashMap Differences
  6. Difference between HashMap and ConcurrentHashMap
  7. How HashSet checks for duplicates
  8. What is the difference between comparable and comparator?
  9. How to sort a list of Object?
  10. How to implement interconversion of arrays and Lists?
  11. How to find the intersection of ArrayList sets, the union, the difference, and the duplicate union.
  12. How HashMap works and code implementation
  13. ConcurrentHashMap working principle and code implementation
  14. Summary of the underlying data structure of the assembly framework
  15. Selection of sets
  16. Common methods for sets
  17. Selection of sets

Super detailed Java interview questions summary (IV ) of JavaWeb basics summary

  1. Brief description of Servlet
  2. Explain the difference between Servlet and CGI?
  3. What methods are in the Servlet interface and Servlet lifecycle exploration
  4. Difference between get and post requests?
  5. What is the difference between Forward and Redirect?
  6. Servlet and thread safety
  7. What is the relationship between JSP and Servlet?
  8. JSP works.
  9. What are the built-in objects of JSP? What is the role of each?
  10. What are the main methods of Request objects?
  11. What is the difference between request.getAttribute() and request.getParameter()?
  12. JSP nine built-in objects, seven actions, three directives-
  13. What are the techniques for implementing session tracking?
  14. What is the difference between a cookie and a session?

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