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It's true: good-looking skins are a thousand times better, and screwy chainrings fly the coin.

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Today I'm here to show you a, Foreplay only、 No Action Blockchain Prehistoric Deeds Documentary。

When you told me that Satoshi Nakamoto proposed cryptocurrency, Then I'll smile and keep my mouth shut., echo in one's heart“ Coin to pretend, Knowledge is a prerequisite” Quotations and quotes from the。

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Text|Yi Hui

1976 year: The Year of Bitcoin

The master of cryptography is unbeatable, You think you're the only one who can't read.? That's because you don't see what you don't understand.!

Cryptography MasterBailey W. Diffie harmonyMartin E. Hellman There's nothing to write a paper about., thus《 New Directions in Cryptography》 It's out there.。

Not to write no problem, a write all the drama: asymmetric encryption, elliptic curve algorithm, hashing, etc. This is from "New Directions in Cryptography", which is not bitcoin it ancestor well!

New Directions in Cryptography set the direction for cryptography as a whole to date, and was decisive in the creation of blockchain technology and Bitcoin.

This year this year passes quietly, Leave a little secret。1976 The year was the first year of the prehistoric era of blockchain, It also officially launched the era of cryptography and cryptocurrency。

The RSA algorithm was then born in 1977, with the help of New Directions in Cryptography. RSA algorithm is involved in public key cryptosystem.

You think your grandpa will always be your grandpa? There are times when it's really not. In an environment where the world generally agreed that algorithms were not patentable, RSA's patent application was not recognized at the time.

The boat of time capsizes when it says so, It's three years from now.。

In 1980, it was time to get big, so Merkle Ralf came up with Merkle-Tree, a data structure and corresponding algorithm - an important tool introduced in Bitcoin to do block synchronization checks.

It's quite shocking to say that Merkle was ahead of its time in releasing data structures in those days, before the really popular hashing algorithms, and distributed networks were even around.

This did in fact later play an important role in the field of cryptography and distributed computing, such that it resembled the content of a Gunsmoke Genius episode. Don't say you're surprised, I'm even on my knees singing congratulations!

1982 year,Lamport Raising the issue of Byzantine generals, This in turn marks a substantial stage in the theory and practice of reliability in distributed computing。

General Byzantine problem? Hearing that is impossible, never in this lifetime!

The Byzantine General problem: fundamental issues in peer-to-peer communication. The implication is that it is impossible to attempt to achieve consistency by means of message passing over unreliable channels where message loss exists. Thus studies of consistency generally assume that the channel is reliable or that there is no present problem.

What, you still don't get it? Nothing wrong with that, please do your own baidu!!! I'll count myself out if I can read it.

equivalent, Or this year., Here comes the climax.!

David Chom proposed the cryptographic payment system, one of the earliest pioneers of cryptographic money - ECash.

yes, Sharp-eyed people are already trying to apply it to monetary、 Payment-related areas now。

that, Please mark the time.!

Digital currency was born in 1982. Then, of course, there's an ethics to pretending!

With the idea that if you can't use you, replace you, after suffering the ravages of RSA's overly computational and hardly practical algorithms.

Koblitz and Miller, in 1985, each independently proposed the famous Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithm, which simply replaces the RSA algorithm.

One wave after another pushes the previous wave! It is good that the proposal of ECC really makes it possible to produce practical asymmetric cryptosystems.

quit while one is ahead, So let's review., since1976 year《 New Directions in Cryptography》 after publication, In a decade or so, The theoretical and technical foundations of modern cryptography are fully established。

Bitcoin technology has been used for anti-spam

You see or you don't see, I'm right there., not moving forward or backward, Non-stop。

Yes, from 1985-1997, in the areas of cryptography, distributed networks, and with payments/currency, they were happy to just lie in place and not make any particularly significant progress.

Maybe I have some misconceptions about Eason Chan's Decade!

Ten years ago, we were holding little hands and having just as much fun deciphering cryptography.

Walk through the streets that are becoming familiar, get paralyzed for a while, and then, then you get paralyzed for twelve years.

It's impossible to move., Enough with the paralysis., Then let's do a 100-meter dash, It's a spurt. I'm asking if you're afraid.!

1997 year,HashCash method, That's the first generationPOW(Proof of Work) The algorithm appears。

It's not that I don't believe it, it's just that deep down, what is there to pick about this set up but full marks?

What I just didn't expect was that the POW algorithm was primarily used for anti-spam at the time.

In various papers that followed, Specific algorithm design and implementation, Has been fully covered later used by BitcoinPOW mechanism。

Life is like a spring silkworm, a cocoon wrapped in itself; once the eyebrows and feathers are formed, the drilling is also in me.

Well, by 1998, the complete idea of cryptographic money was finally about to break out of its cocoon, with Wei Dai and Nick Szabo simultaneously introducing the concept of cryptographic money.

One of them, David's B-Money, has been called the spiritual pioneer of Bitcoin!

And Nick Szabo's Bitgold outline is very close to the properties listed in Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin paper.

So we laughed and danced around, and then we started to suspect that Sabo was Satoshi Nakamoto.

You can always guess the beginning., But I can't guess the end., What's interesting is that, This was another full year before the subsequent birth of Bitcoin10 period of time。

Bitcoin's hashing algorithm comes from2001 year

The twenty-first century came and went with a major advance in a blockchain-related field: peer-to-peer distributed networks; Napster, EDonkey 2000 and BitTorrent emerged in successive rows in 1999 - 2001, respectively, which laid the foundation for P2P network computing.

The highlights are listened to daily, especially this year.

In 2001, it was the NSA that released the SHA-2 family of algorithms, including the SHA-256 algorithm, which is currently the most widely used, and which is the hash algorithm that Bitcoin eventually adopted.

Yes, the hash algorithm that Bitcoin eventually adopted came from 2001!

By 2001, all the technical foundations for the birth of Bitcoin or blockchain technology were solved in theory and in practice.

this moment, Bitcoin has been called out, But it looks like it's just a little leathery。 that, Then stand here and don't move, I'll bring you some oranges?

finally, at2008 year11 month, Nakamoto has published a famous paper《 Bitcoin: Peer-to-peer electronic cash system》, The era of Bitcoin has officially begun。

1976 - In 2008, you may be underestimating the courage Leong gave Bitcoin.

Thirty-two years of grinding a coin, from an idea, an algorithm, to a technology, the clearly visible growth trajectory is behind all the efforts superimposed!

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