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A new definition of TV: Hisense opens the first artificial intelligence campaign in World Cup history

On June 13, Hisense officially released the VIDAA AI World Cup version of the artificial intelligence TV system at CES Asia, which will be upgraded on June 14 from the start of the World Cup in the entire range of Hisense TVs, including laser TVs and ULEDs, to bring global users an artificial intelligence experience never seen before in the nearly 100-year history of the World Cup.

Tuso, the most advanced AI app, makes images a portal to the world

Hisense applied image recognition technology and big data technology to create a picture search interaction so that the TV image is no longer just an image, but becomes the user's entrance to open the world, this technology is the first for Hisense, but also the most advanced TV AI application.

Hisense picture search interaction is achieved through the special "Xiaoju" button on the remote control, users press the "Xiaoju" button, in just 0.1 seconds, the high-definition screenshots of athletes' games will be accurately screened and identified in the background, and the player's details and even the same clothing and equipment will be synchronously displayed and recommended to the user. Hisense Small Polygraph Search interaction data covers nearly 900 players from the teams participating in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and although it is difficult to capture high-speed sports images, the recognition accuracy rate has been as high as 99%, which is almost accurate. Another surprising application of Hisense TuSuo Interactive is that you can take a one-click HD screenshot of the exciting game moment through the small poly key, and share it with your friends directly after scanning the code on your phone, so you will never have the embarrassment of just picking up your phone when the game screen has already passed.

Hisense map search interactive application scenario not only in the World Cup, its data also covers 20,000+ star resources, users can enjoy a powerful map search experience while chasing dramas and watching movies.

Can talk and talk, contract your World Cup life encyclopedia

While watching the game, order takeaway, book air tickets, book hotels, voice translation, check traffic, check weather and other complicated life services to Hisense TV, everything can be easily done. Hisense full-scene voice interaction opens up 36 major life scenes and hundreds of life services, while supporting advanced artificial intelligence voice services such as 6 major dialects, voice recognition and 33 types of character relationship multi-dimensional Q&A, making intelligent enjoyment never so easy.

For this year's World Cup, Hisense has combined artificial intelligence with football commentary for the first time. World Cup schedules, game times, match results and other questions, player information, team statistics and other World Cup encyclopedias are answered as you ask, without playing attitudes on you, and even some rather difficult questions can be easily answered.

Make watching the game more enjoyable AI sports graphics + exclusive content creation

When users watch the World Cup games, the TV can automatically identify and switch sports mode, the full combination of AI and display is another artificial intelligence innovation created by Hisense for this World Cup. Hisense Auto Sports Mode technology can present a realistic lighting environment close to the event by automatically optimizing the brightness of the sports signal, making the game picture more realistic. In Auto Sports mode, the image is enhanced by intelligent recognition of high frequency colors such as red, green and blue of the pitch to truly reproduce the color details of the pitch, and by accurately extracting and optimizing the soccer ball trajectory to ensure that every goal route is clearly visible.

As the official designated TV partner brand of the 2018 World Cup, Hisense not only fulfills its commitment to FIFA to develop new display technologies around the tournament, but also provides users with a full range of options for watching football in terms of World Cup content services. Hisense's new online VIDAA AI World Cup Edition system has specially developed a "World Cup Channel", which not only covers CCTV World Cup prime video resources, but also official exclusive FIFA World Cup content, as well as non-stop updates of more than 60 self-produced programs, the most timely World Cup information and surrounding highlights are at your fingertips to meet the needs of every fan.

Hisense VIDAA AI artificial intelligence system platform is independently developed by Hisense Jubei Technology Co. Relying on its deep work in TV smart technology and user operation, Hisense's global smart TV activation user base has reached 34.72 million, and this figure is expected to be rewritten to 65 million in 2020 with Hisense's popularization and promotion of AI technology and continuous improvement of user experience.

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