A new direction for the AI industry? Rokid gives compass, or preempts new era

run through2018 Some of the hottest keywords in the tech world for the year,"AI"," artificial intelligence (AI)" Must be on the list., Especially with the mobile phone industry driving, The AI hardware market has also become hot at this stage, Especially the current stage of AI audio products, It's a new favorite in many young people's homes thanks to its more convenient voice interaction。 Just recently.,Rokid A countdown poster for the launch was released along with an invitation to their own launch event, It also has many netizens looking forward to the launch!

This Rokid invite kit includes a compass, a map and a headgear assembly piece. As one of the earlier companies to enter the field of AI intelligence, Rokid's development over the years has also brought new direction and vitality to the entire AI industry. Although this company is only 5 years old, Rokid can be very clear about its own development direction, just like the compass presented in the launch invitation. The future AI is the AI belonging to people, how to better integrate AI into human life and bring more convenient experience to our life, this is the development direction belonging to AI, and this is what Rokid has been pursuing. It is predictable that this time Rokid will release a refreshing one of a kind smart hardware product.

The other two items in the invitation set are a monkey head cover and a map, It also hints at the fact that as a young company,Rokid still inAI The field of smart hardware is constantly being explored, Seeking to belong toAI The direction of development in the field of hardware。 combined with today'sRokid The countdown preview poster released to the public, We can also see, The theme of the launch washave fun, And this new product will be close to the civilian market, And by" quality, abilityhave fun" come and see, currentRokid Must have come prepared., It's bound to bring a lot of shiny new products。

(located) atRokid In past products, Both models currently on sale are excellent in terms of quality, Both the exterior design and the overall experience are excellent, Compare to current domestic smart audio products, Its selling price reaches a1399 Yuanhe5280 Yuan doesn't seem to look so" amicably", However in combination with the overall design and experience this is still a very conscientious price。 According to the information released so far, this timeRokid Perhaps a more affordable smart audio product will be released, Well worth waiting for。

Not only smart audio, according to rumors Rokid will also release a new self-developed AI chip at the June 26th conference, while the much-anticipated Rokid Glass will also be unveiled at the conference, such a Fun conference, are you ready?

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