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A perfect encounter between "quality" and "intelligence" for Five Star Youth Assistants

In this issue, Mr. Avion's exclusive secret of product development from "quality manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" is shared by a senior young assistant, who is also a member of the State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Manufacturing System Technology for Complex Products.

Hello everyone, I am Liu Shan, a five-star youth assistant in Department 2, Room 3. Fortunately, I have worked as both a quality management and information technology youth assistant, and have four years of youth assistant work experience so far.


In the era of "Internet+", "Big Data", "Cloud Computing" and "Artificial Intelligence", the constant pursuit of "Smart Manufacturing" has been the general trend, but how do we keep the original intention of "Quality Manufacturing"? What can Quality Youth Assistants do to promote product quality?

Quality is the concentrated embodiment of design, production and management level, but also the survival of enterprises. In order to improve the quality management level of the two departments, strengthen the construction of quality culture is the premise, the effective operation of the quality management system is the guarantee, strengthen the product design and development planning, input and output control, technical status record and other key links of management is the focus.

The world has entered the stage of development of Industry 4.0, China has released the "Made in China 2025" grand strategic plan, in such an environment, as an information assistant, how do you explore the development of two "intellectual" development path?

In the face of the wide range of specialties involved in the development of the second part of the product, many interdisciplinary, high knowledge content and complex design process, the continuous exploration and development of intelligent means to assist design is an effective measure to shorten the development cycle, reduce research and development costs and improve product quality. Drawn by this urgent need, the Second Division has made a determined stride towards "smart manufacturing".

Having said that, the reader must be wondering how I balance quality management, information technology and research work, right? And how are they related to each other?


As we all know, quality problems are mainly concentrated in the design side, as a designer, I think more about how to improve the design level of this profession, for example, we can use a large number of experiments to improve the confidence of simulation models, improve the maturity of technology through technical advance reserve, improve the simulation efficiency to ensure the coverage of simulation models, and take the pursuit of design refinement, reduce the human error rate and improve the design efficiency as the guide to better serve the product development.

"Information technology is the most important means to improve the efficiency and quality of design." In response to several core problems faced by complex product development, we have made the design process further user-oriented, production-assembly-oriented and quality-oriented through a number of key technology research, solving the problems of multidisciplinary collaborative design, knowledge accumulation and reuse, mining and analysis of test data and collaborative cloud simulation, etc., making full use of the advantages of information technology to drive the improvement of product design.

concluding remarks

The Youth Assistant is a strong player in the basic management of the Research Office and should have a strong sense of responsibility and awareness of the bigger picture. It is important to keep our feet on the ground as well as looking to the future. In the future, I will continue to do my best to complete the work content of my job responsibilities, while closely combining new technologies, new products and new situations to seek the path of innovation and promote the continuous improvement of the design capability and level of the Second Department.

Wen, Editor Liu Shan (Three Rooms)

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