A portable tool for knowledge workers

Introducing a few portable hardware, Helping you make better use of your fragmented time, Efficient focus on work and study。


A teacher friend announced that she'd suddenly discovered the benefit of taking her kids to hobby classes - and finally had time to prepare lessons!

industrial age, Working hours work, Rest time off。 Now if you could just25 Minutes without looking at your phone、 Don't brush your friends and focus on reading( Even if it's fiction.), That's called completing a tomato clock, It's a very rare achievement.( conservatively speaking, And easy enough to beat.60% population)。

The pace of modern life has accelerated and time has long been fragmented. Having a relatively full period of time to focus on something becomes a luxury. So how do you use these fragments of time efficiently?

I started sending my kids to hobby classes the year before. Often observe how others use this time in the parent waiting area. Some people gossiped, some watched videos on their own (of which the unconscious ones actually turned on the outro), and others dozed off. Occasionally very busy figures can be seen. There was a famous university teacher who brought a printed English paper to read each time. Sometimes she even brings her computer, sits on a small stool, puts it in the chair across from her, and makes annotations and writes papers without distractions.

I'm sure she's a highly effective person. Because that's how Mr. Wu Jun works, too.

Mr. Wu Jun is not only an investor, often goes out to lecture, and also writes a continuous column on Get, yet still manages to have time to practice MOOC online and produce several best-selling books. He also devoted a great deal of time to his children's education and life. Take your daughter to visit top universities, sip wine, drink coffee, map food, photograph the Aurora Borealis, and fly halfway around the world to hear an opera ...... I think he has at least 100+ hours a day available.

definitely, His day., And there can only be24 hours。 Differences from the general population, It's his ability to use his time in pieces.。 Even if it's just a few minutes of waiting for someone, He would also write a small paragraph。 Like streams flowing into rivers, Many scattered words combined into paragraphs、 sections and chapters, Or even the whole book.。

To do a good job, a good tool must first be used. If you want to try to study or work efficiently with fragmented time, I recommend a few good mobile devices to help you.


headphones very common, Buy a phone and get one free。 But some headphones There's a special function, Could be very important for knowledge workers—— noise reduction。

Use of fragmented time, You just can't pick and choose where you work or study。 airplane、 On the subway or bus、 In the cafe.、 roadside…… Even the parent waiting area, Quiet is all but impossible to find.。

There's no quiet atmosphere., People have difficulty concentrating on productive work。 Can't change the external environment, Instead, you can use noise reduction headphones Create your own very small environment。

Put it on, hit the switch, and the world instantly goes silent.

It's the first time I've experienced this headphones efficacy, It's at a good friend's house.。 He commutes by subway every day., I often see him wearing a pair of headphones, At first I thought they were ear muffs for warmth。 One day he encouraged me to try it., In an instant the noise of the working blender next to me disappeared。 I was amazed., Finally, I believe there is such a thing as a magic tool.。

On many subsequent trips by air, Passengers are often seen( foreigners mostly) Take the same model headphones, After all, airplane engine noise is annoying too。

The over-ear headphones are nice but not portable, and I suspect I'd be prone to heatstroke wearing them in the summer. I bought the same brand of in-ear headphones. It has been tested in a variety of harsh noise situations and it has not let me down.

For vocals it doesn't completely filter, Because that might cause you to override the station on your commute。 Confronting the middle-aged moms in the next seat who talk about common sense health care, My choice would be to turn on the white noise app, headphones The sound of your own pre-set scenes coming from inside, Counteracts interference from external noise。 My most common scene of choice is a mix of a cafe and a thunderstorm。

As a friendly reminder, be sure to turn off the noise reduction function when crossing the road, otherwise you won't hear the sound of speeding cars and cause danger.

handwriting pen

mere existence handwriting pen Definitely not., You'll also need a companion tablet。

Why is the role of the stylus emphasized? Because it helps you to do annotations flexibly.

From time to time we need to process information in context。 For example, read the paper, Write your own review。 The original paper is the context of your annotation。 It is clearly inefficient to record the original text manually each time。 I've got a solution! handwriting pen, You can jot down your own tips alongside the original text, The tagging app automatically takes the original text for you、 The annotations are all distilled。 Can also export to the Notes app, Easy to retrieve and utilize at any time。

For college teachers, this pen is a lifesaver. We often have to grade assignments and, rarely, correct papers for students. Once upon a time, when I was correcting papers, I would tap out the words one by one and tell the students, "Page k, line l, change it to ......." It's fine to instruct one or two students, but it's annoying when there are more.

present ., I just take it directly from the marker app handwriting pen sprinkle。 Contextual clarity, Students find it with less effort。 Some of the labels may have to be expressed in words if3 go, Hand-drawn symbols a circle plus a curve, The student immediately understands。

If you're a student, a stylus is more important. Don't you take notes in class? Some students like to record slide text. What's the age? Just take pictures straight away. But don't forget that it's what's beyond the slides that really needs to be remembered. The key points that your teacher emphasizes, the connections between knowledge points, or the one or two vocabulary words that inspire you, can all be swiped freely with a stylus on the slide pictures you just took down. Notes can be synchronized across multiple devices, and the embarrassment of suddenly finding your notebook missing before an exam is no more.


main point of division、 Remember the golden words、 write a commentary, handwriting pen give full play to one's brilliant abilities。 If you need to enter a large text, Handwriting wouldn't be appropriate。20 The writers' group years ago was“ change the pen”, usefulness keypads Typing instead of climbing the grid, How can we buck the trend of history??

Some people think voice input is better. If you need to add a line of caption text to a picture of a friend or leave a message for a classmate to help pick up a delivery, the voice recognition with over 97% accuracy is really good enough. But if you're writing a thousand-word essay, voice input isn't the best option. Because there is a difference between spoken and written language. The more serious the style and the more words, the more obvious this distinction becomes. This will put a heavy burden on your post adjustment.

Other than that, Can you really enter large pieces of text without anyone entering your voice in the public eye?? What a strong heart it has to be! Even if you do have such determination( And don't care how others feel), Intellectual property and privacy protections must also be considered, Isn't it?

So you still need it keypads。 Virtual on both phones and tablets keypads。 But give it a try and you'll know, Use virtual keypads Writing a long text is torture。 The screen was taken up half without saying, Small keystrokes are easy to make, And there's no feedback, It's awkward。

Recommend Bluetooth keyboards that can support multiple platforms at the same time. It folds up to the size of a Kindle Oasis and can easily be put down in a satchel. Different platform systems that can be switched with a switch. Even if they are both Apple mobile devices, you can set up two devices (phone and tablet) and switch input objects at any time.

The keys are of a standard size, so you basically can't press them wrong. It is no problem to write two or three thousand words in one breath. It can be used for a long time on a single charge.

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