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A short note on imLink's second blockchain offline workshop

On March 25, from 14 to 18 pm, the imLink team organized the second offline blockchain seminar with the purpose of "sharing resources, exchanging and learning, and improving together".

The following are the highlights of the seminar.

The application of blockchain technology in the supply chain ensures the integrity and correctness of information. The biggest reason for not being able to implement it at the moment: it affects multiple interests (chain maintenance, data exchange, customs clearance process, etc.). The supply chain problem cannot be solved by relying on cloud storage technology alone.

A discussion of EOS's status as a solution to speed issues, efficiency issues, and potentially overtaking ETH.

The possibility of implementing blockchain technology in shared mobility methods (including vans, bikes, cars, etc.) will have a large market in Europe once it is realized. (Founder and CEO of TUDING Technologies talks about future applications of blockchain in the context of connected cars, for example in relation to insurance car accident claims)

A discussion of business crime in commercial applications of blockchain. The crime itself is not directly related to the blockchain technology itself, instead evidence of commercial crime can be found on the blockchain.

The banking transaction market, in the future, will become trendy with blockchain. The traditional finance and credit industry will be the biggest interface in the future to open up the future passage of digital currencies.

The security of the currency wallet. The way to back up and the importance of backups. (How should the key and helper words be kept, is there a possibility of someone else inheriting the account and a way to verify it in case the person is unable to take care of himself or passes away)

The impact of blockchain technology on IT for practical applications. The magnitude of the likelihood of landing a project and the factors that influence it.

The possibility of combining blockchain technology with GPS applications.

If there is a discussion topic you are interested in, feel free to leave a comment to the imLink backend and we will include it in the discussion content directory for the next event.

This Sunday, imLink will hold the third discussion event, the exact time and address will be announced, please stay tuned to our public website yo.

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