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A short note on the May 20, 2018 blockchain workshop

We organized an offline mini-workshop on blockchain in Shanghai over the weekend, and had a more in-depth discussion on data on the chain, the effect exceeded everyone's expectation, the discussion was very intense and we got a lot of insightful insights, I'll take a brief note on some points below, welcome you to participate in the discussion.

Why do we need blockchain?

Blockchain can be understood as a database, unlike previous databases that were housed within a company or organization, this database is maintained by all participants and there are no referees. Blockchain thus goes a long way in addressing the concerns that come with centralization of data.

Blockchain can guarantee the immutability of data on the chain, but it cannot guarantee the authenticity of the data on the chain , so when all participants can update this database, there needs to be a mechanism to ensure the authenticity of the uploaded data and the synchronization of offline and on-chain updates.

Blockchain won't solve the problem of what data should be on the chain . In the case of blockchain traceability in an orchard, there are many factors affecting the batch of fruits, such as soil pH, light, whether there is pesticide spraying, etc. What data should be stored on the chain is a big problem, although it is said that the cost of online storage is not high now, but once the data is on the chain, it cannot be deleted, and for the orchard, the inspection of this batch actually does not need the data of the previous batch.

Blockchain won't solve the data uniqueness problem either. The uniqueness of the data means that only one copy of the data exists on the chain and cannot be copied, and I think the fact that each person holds a copy illustrates the problem. Many people disagree with the idea that this ledger is unique, and it is correct to say so. This is because the blockchain ensures that our multiple copies are essentially consistent, and that we can trust which copy is in place if there is an inconsistency. Standing in trust, there is only ever one copy of trust at any given moment.

People lose the right to forget about their own generated data due to the fact that data on the chain cannot be tampered with nor deleted . In fact, the issue has been around for a long time, and with the rise of social networking, the issue is gaining attention, and the emergence of blockchain has only strengthened the problem.

While the traditional Internet enabled the rapid dissemination of information, blockchain enables the delivery of value over the network for the first time.

Everyone stands from a different perspective and thinks about the focus differently. The following two responses are for reference only.

Answer 1: Any value is created through some form of labor, and arithmetic is also a form of labor, thus generating arithmetic value, the carrier of this arithmetic value is the token, and the transmission of labor value is realized through the transmission of the carrier.

Answer 2: Because traditional Internet information can be copied infinitely, without knowing who has the backup in the end. The blockchain implements traceability of all transactions and is immutable.

Recruiting members

Blockchain Research Group The recruitment process is continuing and the group is on a "strict entry/exit" basis, with a number of tests to pass before joining. Anyone interested in blockchain is welcome to attend!

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