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A strong team! Shen Newspaper Group did two big things yesterday!

13 March

Shenyang Newspaper Group and Shenyang Youyi Data Co.

Cooperation signing ceremony held

The two parties will work together to form

Northeast Institute of Big Data Industry Technology

for the past few years, Big data industry maintains high growth trend, and gradually transformed from a single technological concept to a new element、 new strategy、 new mindset。 With the full force of government and market forces, Big data is already in political use、 Comprehensive coverage of commercial and residential sectors。 Northeast Institute of Big Data Industry Technology Will integrate Shenyang and global big data industry technology、 data、 talent、 funding、 policy、 land、 Quality resources such as markets, Bridging the gap between basic research in the field of big data、 Application Development、 Results transformation and industrialization chain, Cultivating Shenyang's core competitiveness and industrial advantages in the field of big data, Deeply improving the city's business environment, Efforts to explore on government-industry-academia-research collaborative innovation-driven industrial development“ Shenyang Model”、 formation“ Shenyang Experience”。

This cooperation is not only a breakthrough attempt of Shenyang Daily Group's integrated development and innovative transformation, but also a "strong alliance" - Shenyang Daily Media Group has strong industry advantages and resource advantages in the media field; Shenyang UE Data Co., Ltd. has disciplinary advantages and application advantages in the field of national big data and supporting industrial cross-border integration. The two sides will build the world's leading innovation platform of local big data + media technology and products, and apply the new generation of information technology systemic services such as artificial intelligence and big data to the media field in China.

Northeast Institute of Big Data Industry Technology Focused research areas covering big data in the service sector、 Manufacturing Big Data、 Economic Big Data、 Traffic Big Data、 Healthcare Big Data、 Environmental big data、 Tourism Big Data、 Polling Big Data、 Education Big Data、 Business Environment Big Data and many other areas。 By means of big data modeling and artificial intelligence analysis, Comprehensive portrayal and analysis of the local economy、 societal、 All aspects of people's livelihood, and timely external press releases of data, ask the market、 District and county governments, their relevant departments and relevant economic、 Social organizations provide analysis、 Advisory services, Achieving complementary governance、 prosperous industry、 Integrated service functions for the benefit of the public。

Working together to deepen the media industry and cultural industry

Shen Newspaper Group and North China Record

Signing of strategic cooperation agreements

13 March, Shenyang Daily Newspaper Group and North Hualu Culture Technology( Beijing, capital of People's Republic of China) Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Both parties will leverage their respective strengths, Comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the field of media industry and cultural industry。

Shen Newspaper Group is relying on cultural resources, deep plowing the fertile ground of industry, and is committed to building a new mainstream media group with diverse forms, advanced means and competitiveness. The cooperation with the cultural central enterprise, North Hualu, a subsidiary of China Hualu Group, is another landmark attempt.

Focusing on planning, investment, construction and operation of cultural facilities and cultural activities, North Hualu is committed to becoming a total service provider of urban cultural construction; with a professional planning and design team and rich experience in executing cultural projects, the enterprise can provide full-project services for urban public welfare culture, entertainment culture and tourism culture; at the same time, using the technical, financial and operational advantages of a cultural central enterprise, it continuously improves the capacity of urban public cultural services, promotes urban commercial cultural consumption and adds cultural power to the construction of new urbanization.

After reaching a strategic partnership, the two sides will share resources, first of all, brand cooperation, jointly expand brand influence, consolidate brand advantages, share brand achievements, create new brands of culture and media, promote new industries of culture and media strategies, and achieve mutual benefits and win-win situation for both sides. In terms of market cooperation, North Hualu will play the advantages of national layout, accurate positioning and mature operation of cultural industry, while Shen Newspaper Group will make use of its capital and mature local market advantages, and the two sides will launch comprehensive cooperation in the fields of cultural services, leisure tourism, health and sports, education services and information technology, to jointly create and plan, develop new projects of cultural media, promote new integration of cultural media and expand new markets of cultural media.

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