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A technical achievement of Wuxi Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Center won the national software copyright certificate

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Recently, the "Wuxi Comprehensive Management Platform for Drug Safety Monitoring Data", which was developed by the Municipal Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Center, formally obtained the computer software copyright registration certificate issued by the National Copyright Administration, with the registration number 2018SR674052. The information technology R&D project is also an information-based research project funded by the Jiangsu Provincial Food and Drug Administration for 2017-2018.

The platform is a big data visualization analysis and risk warning platform of adverse drug reactions suitable for local and municipal monitoring agencies, which is developed and built on the basis of the national adverse drug reaction monitoring system. The platform is oriented to "machine for human", aiming to improve the effectiveness of adverse drug reaction monitoring, enhance the risk warning capability, promote the intelligent monitoring of adverse drug reactions, and provide strong technical support for drug safety supervision. The technical achievements mainly have the following features: firstly, it is efficient and stable in collecting information of monitoring data at local and municipal levels, monitoring and warning the data in Wuxi region dynamically in real time, and intuitively displaying the trend of data dynamics; secondly, it realizes five integrated services such as adverse drug reaction data collection and retrieval, report quality management, data statistical analysis, real-time risk warning, and risk signal mining; thirdly, it introduces visualization models, reflects data-based value creation, and transforms computational tasks that are difficult to be realized manually into machine computational functions; fourthly, it extracts signals of safety issues from massive data, automatically mines potential and unknown risk signals, and provides data support for further signal screening.

(Wuxi Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre, Wuxi, China)

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