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A way to download videos from all over the internet and in HD

After a day of pondering, I finally found a way to download HD videos from all over the web, and now I am sharing the method at

The tool we use, You-Get: is a very good tool for downloading videos from websites. With You-Get you can easily download videos, pictures and music from the web.

Install python

Before installing you-get, we must install python.

Download as shown in.

Once the download is complete click to install.

Remember to pay attention to the Add Python 3.5 to PATH checkbox, this must be ticked.

After the installation is complete, enter the CMD command line and enter the command 'python' to check the installation, as shown in the picture

Installing you-get

In the next step we start installing you-get

Reopen Run: cmd

In the command line, type: pip3 install you-get, as shown in the figure: indicates successful installation

Now it's ready, installed successfully, and starting to have a blast.

When you see a video you like online you can download it quite arbitrarily.

In the CMD type: you-get The URL that follows is the video site you are watching.

The last thing to say is that the default download address is C:UsersAdministrator

If you can't find it you can search for the download file name directly on your computer to find out where it is.




Benefits of using this.

1. Convenient, just one software, no need to install any client.

2, the download speed is very fast, killing the major sites own client, VIP.

3. automatic detection of HD videos, all in HD by default.

4. Any video on the whole web can be downloaded.

Give an appreciation.

If there is still will not be able to leave a message at the bottom of the public number, I will answer you at the first time. Give the editor to give appreciation, the editor gives you direct service, the package is taught and operated remotely to save you time.

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