ADD airdrop query tutorial with EOS public and private key retrieval method

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ADD airdrop arrival status check

The ADD candy search method is very simple, so if you don't know how to do it, follow the steps below.


1. the EOS public key, note that it is not the account number shown in the wallet.

(If you forget your EOS public key, please scroll directly to the bottom to see how to retrieve your EOS public key)

2. Open

Start query.

1.1, open https://eospark.comwebsite, enter the public key starting with EOS and click Search

1.2, click on the account name in the associated account field

1.3, Token transfer option box, select ADD

1.4, the number in the token transfer breakdown is a breakdown of ADD at 2:1 airdrop.

Retrieve EOS public key and account

The mapping forgets the EOS public key and can be retrieved by.

1, open the URL:

2, enter the mapping when the ethereum wallet address query

3, the retrieval will show a detailed mapping status, including the number of EOS in the wallet, the public key, the account status.

EOS Private Key Forgotten Recovery Solution

EOS Private Key Forgotten Recovery Solution

If you have forgotten your EOS private key, please follow the scheme below to retrieve it as soon as possible.

Thanks to eos Canon Bean for the tutorial.

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