Write in front

-Siri, call Wendy for me.

-Open the app and see how the dog is doing at home


There is never a shortage of access to intelligence in our lives

But a true smart home is more than a simple patchwork of electronics

In 2017, "artificial intelligence" was written into the national government work report for the first time, followed by the introduction of the "new generation of artificial intelligence development plan", but also on the development of artificial intelligence in China for the strategic layout, which means that artificial intelligence has risen to the national strategy.

(Prime Minister strongly supports artificial intelligence)

In addition, the World Internet Conference, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and others have published their smart industry plans, which is enough to see the importance attached to the industrialization of artificial intelligence.

(World Internet Conference emphasizes artificial intelligence)

In 2018, it is an explosive year for the accelerated landing and industrialization of AI technology. In addition to the country's increased action, the search and purchase of intelligent products by the post-95s and post-00s, who are the main consumers of the future, is increasing day by day.

(Young people prefer to buy smart products)

The Big Data Context. love technology Hold on to the wind and propose Whole House Smart Concept , systematically combines smart switches, smart door locks, smart toilets, and unifies remote control of household items through IoT applications, bringing practical value to the average household.

The smart experiences currently on the market are just the cone of home intelligence that A truly smart home It is to upgrade the living experience system through relevant technology; it is to enhance the safety and comfort of the home while achieving an environmentally friendly and energy-saving living environment.

love technology The appliance control system is all stowed in for an intelligent linkage. With your mobile phone, you can check your home at any time; by switching modes, you can make the systems in your home work automatically, with lights, curtains, and air conditioning turning on automatically while you open the door. Have a fun interaction with life.

In the washroom, we also link the smart toilet seat + light + bath bar + music + incense machine + mosquito ventilation fan and other product functions to create a comfortable washroom environment that pays attention to your every need.

To give more people a taste of whole-house intelligence, the [AKG Smart] The stores will be open from May onwards, so if you value quality of life, you are welcome to visit them!

The age of intelligence is here, if you are still hesitant, it will be your quality of life that is late!

With whole house intelligence

It's like I've found the magic wand that makes everything do what it's told.

Probably while you're still on track.

I'm already eating.

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