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APP registration is easy to cancel, how to break the privacy invasion?

Nowadays, most of the APPs are registered before use, even through the third party login, you have to enter your mobile phone number, fill in the verification code, some also need to authenticate your real name, it is very convenient to do it in one go.

One day when you realize that you don't want to use the app anymore and want to cancel your account, you find that it doesn't seem to go so smoothly.

Account stolen but can't be cancelled

A year ago, Pony signed up for a video app and had uploaded videos of family gatherings in his personal space. Due to repeated account theft, Pony wanted to cancel the account for security reasons. Looked all over the app and the official website did not find the relevant options, call the official customer service said the other side can not be canceled.

However, the App's User Agreement states that "the User has the right to cancel the account through the website when the liquidation conditions, such as account cancellation, as published on the platform's website, are met."

No cancellation and automatic chargeback

Wang Er signed up for a paid membership during an app promotion and opted for automatic renewal. Three months later, Wang Er applied to the website for cancellation, but was refused and still automatically renewed.

Its User Service Agreement states that "the website has the right to permanently cancel or withdraw accounts that have not been used for six consecutive months, accounts obtained through illegal means and accounts that violate the User Agreement", but it does not clarify whether users can cancel themselves.

The new mobile number has already been registered

Miss Zhou newly changed her mobile phone number, when she used a travel app to buy airline tickets, she found that her new number could be directly logged in by sending a verification code, and personal account with strangers' ID information.

Through customer service inquiries, it turns out that this was left behind by the old owner of the phone number. Ms. Zhou wanted to cancel her account but could not find this feature.

Try to register and log out of a number of APPs, Xiaomeng found that either the channel to log out of the account could not be found, or there were no guidelines for logging out when contacting customer service, and many APPs do not specify in the user agreement whether the user enjoys the right to log out of the account.

APP's painstaking "subterfuge"

According to the technicians who run the website and app, it can be set up in the background to turn off the logout function for users.

For these apps, user volume is an important indicator of the product, and companies need user data, so blocking logouts can "keep" every user as much as possible.

APP cancellation is difficult for suspected infringement

While it is a common status quo that it is difficult to log out, does a user actually have the right to log out of their account?

Recently, a netizen left a message on the Chinese government website, saying that the businessman vigorously promoted his own app, but the user found that he could not use it after registering and wanted to clear the registration information but found that he could not log out. Accounts are permanently stored in unwanted apps, and there is a great fear of personal user information being compromised, especially those apps that require real name and phone and email verification.

I hope there is a provision for this so that all users can log out of their accounts and clear their personal data inside various apps.

Later, China News posted a tweet in response to the incident.

In its response, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated.

Article 43 of the Network Security Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that "If an individual finds that a network operator collects or uses his or her personal information in violation of the provisions of laws or administrative regulations or the agreement between the two parties, he or she has the right to request the network operator to delete his or her personal information; if he or she finds that his or her personal information collected or stored by the network operator is in error, he or she has the right to request the network operator to correct it. The network operator shall take measures to remove or correct it. "

In addition, paragraph 4 of paragraph 9 of the Provisions on the Protection of Personal Information of Telecommunications and Internet Users (Order No. 24 of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) stipulates that "telecommunications business operators and Internet information service providers shall cease the collection and use of users' personal information and provide users with services to cancel their numbers or accounts after they terminate the use of telecommunications services or Internet information services. "

Accounts on website platforms such as APPs are behind the user's personal data, so be careful to manage your online accounts. If you encounter one that you can't cancel yet, you can first manually delete your personal data and unbind your bank card, mobile phone number and other third-party accounts to avoid losses caused by information leakage.

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