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ASRI Winter Camp Research Results Presentation

This was an event that happened on the day the winter camp was to end. The main character of this year's winter camp was the arduino, which can sense the environment through a variety of sensors and give feedback and influence the environment by controlling lights, motors and other devices.

Rethinking the perceptual role of the senses - sound as a symbol of place interacts with human activity as a unitary whole; does hearing have a sense of orientation and distance? What about the sense of touch? The world is three-dimensional or two-dimensional in the single-sensory perceptual world. What if the physical structures that delineate the three-dimensional world were no longer separations such as walls, but boundaries of sound and light?

We hope that this series of works will provoke a continuous questioning - a questioning that leads us to rethink how space is constituted, how it is constituted, and how it affects human physiological or behavioral indicators. Perhaps we fundamentally do not understand the full truth about the intervention and influence of real space on human behavior and activity.

Living in an urban environment, people experience the city through multiple senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and orientation) rather than purely visual, and a comfortable, beautiful urban space always mobilizes a positive response from multiple sensory aspects of the human body, thus creating a more lasting memory in people's lives. Therefore, we believe that the full identification and use of these sensory experiences is important for a more complete understanding of future urban trends and architectural design itself, a hidden dimension that can also fully express the connection between human perception and specific urban spaces, but is not well interpreted at this stage.

To really understand the individual to feel and experience the living environment, and to study the process of how people, as individual agents experiencing urban space, receive the information communicated to us by the space, process it, and react to these signals.

In the face of Big Data, we need to be clear that there is a fundamental difference between using Big Data and authentically experiencing it as an individual. Using data and technology as a means, we can improve the information available to and perceived by individual humans.

Since the results of the winter camp will apply to the students' portfolios for future applications, instead of posting their results in the article, I'll send you some photos of their debriefing that day and photos of their studies and experiments from the past week.

Will send you their final video file here as well.

Fifth set of videos.

Sixth set of videos.

Some photos from the past week and the day of the debrief.

Debriefing Photos

Final group photo

And so the short 15 days ended on a happy evening. Thank you all for your support these days, and to our two mentors: Ms. Yang Yang Xu and Ms. Mandy Li, and supporting mentors: Yang Ni and Anichi Wang. All in all, we'll see you next time.


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