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In earlier vehicles, each control module dealt only with a particular function. If there is a problem with the control module, whether it is a hardware or software triad, the control module will be replaced.

As vehicle models and features have increased, the design of one control module for one function has become clumsy and wasteful. This requires a new type of electrical system. This new electrical system uses distributed functionality, Control Area Network (CAN) communication, and reprogrammable control modules.

I. Advantages of onboard computer programming :

1. To obtain a new feature, such as adding a trip computer to a vehicle without a trip computer, install a new control stick and download the new vehicle configuration software. The Multifunction Control Module uses this vehicle configuration document to function in a specific way.

2. The number of control module models becomes less. A good example of this is the Engine Control Module (ECM). With 60 different engine types, a stock of 60 different spare parts was previously required. The vehicle computer is programmable: three different pieces of hardware are available for all models.

3. Adjust the injection procedure to suit the market. The same application software for the engine module is available for all markets. However, software for different markets can be downloaded to differentiate between the exhaust emission needs of different markets.

4. Language. Downloading different language documents to the driver information module (multifunction display) can change the language in the unified instrument panel, facilitating faster introduction of improved functions and saving time in dealing with special types of faults. Previously, the control module needed to be replaced, but now it can be replaced with a software upgrade version that can be downloaded.

II. Code setting and programming (CODING)

The definition of programming and coding (CODING) is the use of electronic communication transfer technology to input the relevant control information from the software program into the programmable EPROM or FLASH of the vehicle computer, which is generally divided into two categories: programming and coding.

Set the code: after a batch of new computers are installed, the Eprom program in the computer is activated with the components in the car or other computers are matched.

Programming: after the batch is loaded into the new computer, the Eprom blank needs to be reprogrammed with the instrument.

III. Understanding of the set-up code

Set the code in our daily maintenance work accounted for a large proportion of many new computers in the production of the factory has been several sets of programs installed in the EPROM or FLASH, installed in the car only after the configuration of the vehicle by the maintenance station to specify it to use one of the applicable procedures, a common understanding is that the new computer comes with several sets of clothes, wear which set of clothes by the vehicle configuration decision.

IV. Understanding of programming

Programming is less used in daily maintenance work and only applies to certain specific computers such as anti-theft, audio gateways, etc. Programming a car computer can be understood as dressing the computer, the clothes are the software programs, but a new computer does not come with clothes, it has to be installed in the car before the workshop dresses it according to the configuration of the vehicle, the software programs are downloaded from the repair CD or the internet.

V. Relationship and differences between programming and setting codes and constant mean gauge detection and diagnosis

Programming and coding of the car computer is not a substitute for routine self-diagnosis and good repair work. Routine computer self-diagnosis includes reading and clearing fault codes, data flow analysis, and action component testing, and only after these tasks are completed and the car's fault is not resolved is programming of the computer considered.

It is also pointless to program the computer's if there is a hardware failure in the working components of the vehicle's systems or in the computer itself.

VI. BMW Programming Considerations.

1, try to use genuine BMW programming computer, such as ops plus sss, isss plus icom, stable external 13.8 volt power supply, three large electric fans.

2, because the programming time is relatively long about 2 to 6 hours, to open all the doors, hood, tailgate, with three large fans to live in three places open maximum gear blowing, to prevent the whole car computer energized for a long time overheating, resulting in programming interruption. Many friends will ignore this item and cause losses, and use genuine instruments also coded bad computer, such as coded bad CAS, DME, CCC, EC, etc.

3, programming do not let other idle people close, can not press any switch of the vehicle, such as raising and lowering the windows, open the audio, etc. are not allowed, so that the current instability will cause programming interruption.

4, programming will clear the flash of each computer module of the vehicle and then write a new version of the flash up, if you are programming the air conditioning when the interruption is the air conditioning computer damage can not be used, programming is programming the audio CCC when the sudden interruption of programming will cause damage to the audio system, so we must be careful when programming, according to the above method can generally be safely programmed.

5, we can use the software of ssss44 boss book to set the code separately, for the replacement of the brand new computer module can set the code separately without programming, not affected by the programming version.

VII. Standards that must be understood for BMW programming

Most of the current market has a fear of BMW programming, fearing the death of module programming and resulting in customer complaints, first let's understand the BMW programming standards and process and how it functions.

1, BMW new programming system ISTA / P through (FRM / CAS / lighting module) read out the current configuration of the vehicle and the initial vehicle order is consistent, such as the vehicle chassis number, model, etc., to confirm consistency, and then the vehicle on the module operating program level and the current instrument provisions of the level of comparison is consistent, while displaying the current vehicle software level, all modules that have not reached the level of programming and set the code (P / C), the damaged module requires replacement (R), due to the internal installation of ETK, so when prompted to replace, directly provide the old part number and the new part number, the module installed with a license certificate requires the activation code and certificate (A), the certificate through the BMW intranet download, through the U disk, by ISSS data manager into, to increase the vehicle configuration, such as the addition of DVD will also be imported through the U disk VO code.

2, why BMW should upgrade all the modules, for example E90: FRM foot space module water, resulting in ineffective body electrical, when replacing the FRM, we directly replace the new module, while ISSS scan to select whether to replace the module for No, the results found that the whole car needs to be programmed, scaring many people to click to accept the measure plan, for 2 reasons.

a. I have heard that 4S shops are often programmed to die.

b, because the module has been coded dead with a copied OPS, so what to do?

4S shop programming dead is mainly caused by unstable programming software, because they use mostly the latest software and the latest car, so the software and hardware still need to break in, this problem can be avoided for us, with a lower version of software programming than the 4S shop, while most of the cars we contacted have been out of warranty, the software and hardware have been broken in, (besides, some 4S shops want to program dead, in fact, he knows how to fix it himself, just take a report like this to BMW headquarters, so he can get a new module himself), 2nd try to use genuine OPS plus SSS or new ISSS plus ICOM, because the current ICOM is mostly brand new electronic components, so programming for E and F series BMW programming no risk, you can program with confidence.

So can it be just programming FRMs? For the E-series chassis models you can program them individually in 2 ways.

a, you can put the old one on to get the old part number and the new part number by determining the measure plan, then exit programming and pull out the old module so that isss will provide special measures like SSS and ask you to enter the old part and the new part number, after that you plug in the new FRM so that you can program it separately and set the code automatically after programming.

b, your replacement of FRM is done, but you did not do it according to BMW's standard, because the engine computer software of this car is not upgraded, so he will one day report the fault code of lean engine mixture, you must upgrade the engine computer, at that time you can choose to program separately again, one day he reports the speed sensor fault again, you upgrade the DSC again, this time you can still program separately, you can feel free to use ICOM to program BMW E series and F series chassis vehicles, it is very fast and very stable, but it is recommended that you implement the BMW manufacturer's programming standard.

3, BMW 10 models start standard installation of CIC vehicle communication computer, when replacing CIC ISSS prompts to enter the license certificate, and also need to enter the maintenance activation code for navigation. What is the license certificate? The license certificate is the copyright and authorization of the map if you understand it simply, because BMW has to pay the copyright fee of the map to China and get the authorization from the Chinese government to use the Chinese map in his car, BMW uses the activation code method for the map in order to be able to charge this fee to the owner, that is, the digital certificate encryption to ensure his revenue, the digital certificate is bound with the chassis number, so that it is impossible to achieve the purpose of using the navigation by copying, and at the same time, new requirements for maintenance work, when replacing the CIC, you need to put back the hard disk of his original car, then import the license certificate through ISSS when programming the CIC, and then activate the original navigation map through the navigation repair code, the repair activation code is only useful when the original navigation map version of the original car, the new navigation map must be activated through the upgrade code, the upgrade code needs to be paid and through the upgrade CD. The repair code is free and the license certificate is free.

So keep the hard drive when replacing the CIC, without the hard drive you have to navigate the CD, the original navigation map version can be checked through the CIC, or read the key information inside.

4, Which BMW modules can be used with used parts?

Example E65: SZL damage, bought a used SZL, ISID diagnostic instrument shows the chassis number is not correct, at this time you remember that you just need to set the code to the SZL, you will find that the chassis number becomes this car, set the code after the SZL can be used normally, but please remember that no CAS or FRM with a used module to another car set the code, someone moved the CAS and engine computer from another car, want to try the engine computer good or bad, before starting up he did the whole car set the code, the result is that the two cars into a chassis number, can not change back.

5. Which modules cannot be used second-hand?

With digital certificate like CIC, with anti-theft data like DME/CAS/lighting module, with vehicle characteristics data FRM, gauges (of course if you can have new module data by manual writing, those who know programmer can also modify cpu data by programmer to fix computer).

6. Which modules must not be replaced at the same time?

Example E90: full water, bought a new CAS and a used FRM module, only to find that the vehicle data shows E93 when scanned with ISSS, the chassis number is not correct anymore, many modules are not correct, so you remember that CAS and FRM must not be replaced at the same time, because the vehicle order data is inside these 2 modules; reorder a new FRM, treat the original CAS and put it back, program the vehicle and replace it with a new CAS, and finally set the code for CAS. Otherwise you have to request vehicle data from BMW and write it to the CAS and foot space modules via ISSS data management, just like a new car right off the production line.

7. The difference between BMW programming and setting codes

All new modules in BMWs basically come with software, programming is just an upgrade to the software, just set the code without programming, in fact, it's just not an upgrade to the software, if you choose to program it separately, a simpler way is to set a separate code for the module, for those who don't do the whole car synchronization upgrade, you can just do a separate code. BMW has a software called ESYS is one that can program and set codes for BMW alone.

8. Significance of BMW SA code changes

If you have operated ISSS, you can find that ISSS has a special equipment code in the lower left box when scanning the vehicle, the left side of the box is a number and the right side has a description, for example, SA696 means DVD, when you add a DVD you have to write the SA696 code to CAS and set the code to CAS, you can import it with ISSS through a USB stick or modify it directly through ESYS.

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